Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Events Update 2014 ISW Publishes 2014 Event Calendar
Check out the Event Calendar for 2014 and Save the Date.

Showcase India 2014 Join us for Showcase India 2014 on April 26th at Marlborough Middle School from 2pm - 7pm. (Including Sanskar - Dance Competition)  
New in 2014 - ISW Tambola Night Its Housie Time ! May 17th 4PM - 7:00PM Play Indian Bingo with your friends and family - will You be the lucky one ? 

India Day 2012

ISW celebrated the India's Independence day with the  customary enthusiasm and joy in August 2012 at the Italian American Center in Worcester .

The event featured booths from different business , some of the popular ones were like jewellery , Mehandi , clothes and delicious food from Bollywood Grill. They not only had full meals but served fresh chaat, Dosas , sweets , and fresh sugar cane juice which is rare delicacy.


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~ by Rithika Kulathila

This week, we welcome a new correspondent for eSandesh. Rithika is a young ISW member who feels passionately about getting our community more involved in the political process. - Ed.

There are 77,177 people living in this state that identify as  Asian Indian as of the 2010 census. That means there are 77,177 unique voices, 77,177 stories and 77,177 truly different struggles here in the state of Massachusetts. Although there are many of us that travelled from many different places in order to come to the United States, most of us came here for a better life.

Top 5 mistakes managers make in handling workplace conflict

~ By Claudette Rowley and Sushilaa Pathalam
Under the best of circumstances, managing conflict in the workplace can be a tricky proposition. Managers and employees alike are often reluctant to address a conflict due to fear of making it worse, discovering it can’t be resolved, or not knowing the best way to approach the resolution process.
Unresolved conflict has a high cost. A 2008 study from CPP found that U.S. employees   spent approximately 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict equaling $359 billion in paid hours.  
In addition to the financial toll, unresolved conflict has key effects on productivity, decision making and employee retention.  Managers are often called to resolve disputes between employees, on teams or between departments. In today’s stressed work environment, it’s easy for managers (and employees) to make the following five mistakes.


ISW Celebrates Annual Picnic - July 22, 2012

By Sushilaa Pathalam

Rain or Shine, can’t stop ISW members from having fun.  The 2012 ISW summer picnic party started with quiet a few new members norming and ofcourse the veterans performing their duties and getting to have things taken care of.  The President, Sushilaa Pathalam (Chairperson for the picnic organization commitee) and the senior members of the ISW community provided the comfort level and sense of belonging to the new members.   ISW community is what the new people who move in the area seek and look for.  This gave a perfect start for the Summer party at Northboro, Ellsworth McAfee park.  Ofcourse mother nature was totally supportive of that by it being a perfect 80 degree day.


Building a Secure Path to Retirement

What Steps Should You Take Along the Way?
Provided By: Kanan Sachdeva

The definition of financial security changes as we age: The needs and wants of a newly married 30-year old are, not surprisingly, very different from those of a 70-year-old retiree. There is one thing that stays the same, however: planning and achieving your retirement goals is a lifetime process — one that requires you to first build assets and manage retirement risks for the future, and then to turn those assets into a stream of income in retirement that will last as long as you need it to.
To understand how these steps work throughout your life, consider the following:

Hasya Kavi Sammelan 2012

Hasya Kavi Sammelan at ISW 2012 – A hit with members and others !

 For a 6th year in a row ISW hosted the Hasya Kavi Sammelan (an International Hindi Association production). It was a fun filled evening of humor and laughter.

As a prelude to the show our very own Senthil Sivakumar warmed up the audience with jokes and a comedy act.

The main event started with Mr. Alok Mishra introducing the well establised Kavi's, humorists and singers - Gajendra Solanki, Dr. Sarita Sharma and Sanjay Jhala.


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