Thursday, July 24, 2014
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It’s all a mind game

~ by Sneh Jaisingh
snehIt is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe that lures him to evil ways.

“Don’t”, “limit”, “avoid” are perhaps the most common initial words of dietary advice given to us from our health care providers. As soon as we hear these words our mind, that enjoys freedom, is not happy, it takes over and says why not? And the mind game begins.


This explains why so many New Year’s resolutions fail after only a few weeks. Our mind starts procrastinating and we fall prey to our own temptations and desire, which makes you feel guilty later. This guilt compels you to make even tougher resolution, and we go the whole 9 yards again. How do we break this viscous cycle?


From both, personal and professional experience, I have learnt that positive thinking and self discipline is the key to breaking this cycle. Focusing on foods that we can add to our diet, rather than avoid will change your perception, and chances of you going off the wagon are less likely.
The power of mind is stronger than any other muscle in our body. When we truly believe that we can change our health, lose weight, lower bad cholesterol, control blood sugar, increase energy and commit to making that happen- it happens. Contrarily, if we have our doubts, negative self-esteem, insecurities, our chances of failing are high. It is when we commit to believing in possibility, with endless faith and hope and when we take our failure in the path as stepping stones, we can and we will accomplish anything we want to achieve.
We all have our days, when nothing seems to be working our way, kid’s homework, chores to finish, deadlines to meet, the stubborn weighing scale that will not move in the direction you want it to, etc. Stress does make one fall off the wagon and we fall prey to just one slice of pizza or that last bite of samosa, extra glass of wine, just one more chocolate.  When stress takes over it’s hard to focus on the positives and we often tend to focus on what we didn’t achieve or can’t have.
Next time when you feel blue and your goals seemed to plateau, remember it’s just a passing phase, it will pass soon. Take some time and count your blessings and see the sliver lining and you will be re-energized with positive thoughts and it will put you back on track. This positive reinforcement helps erase the constant sense of “lack” that goes on within. It provides a feeling of fulfillment, which in turn helps control binging.
Remember, our thoughts influence our behavior; our behavior influences our food indulgences. Happy thoughts lead to better food choices. So think happy, positive thoughts.!!
Cheers to Life..!!
Did you know: The PECTIN in the apples lowers the LDL (bad) cholesterol? An apple a day, keeps your cholesterol at bay :-)


Sneh Jaisingh, MS CNC,  is a Clinical and Holistic Nutritionist based in Shrewsbury. You can find her on Facebook  at!/nutriage