Saturday, July 26, 2014
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ISW Diwali Pooja 2011

~by Suresh Gupta

ISW Diwali Pooja 2011ISW celebrated Diwali Puja on Oct 22, 2011 at the India center.   About 150 people attended the program.  Every one enjoyed the Puja and the program immensely. As usual Mrs. Joshi did an excellent job in conducting the puja and guiding the people, who brought Puja kee Thali, to follow the puja- process with her.  Puja was followed by Aarti and a Pot- Luck Dinner.  The program ended with a lighter note: an “Antakshari” competition between Men vs. Women.  It was a lot of fun.  Bhavna did a good job in moderating this competition.  We also discovered a few “Chhupe Rustams” in the antakshari process.

The Hall and the Puja- Dias were decorated beautifully with Diwali theme in mind.  India Center building on outside was beautifully lighted and added to Diwali spirit.

It all makes it worthwhile when we hear, from attendees, comments like “It feels so festive and so beautiful.  It really feels like Diwali”.  “You people really go out of your way to make it so special for everyone”.  One person who was visiting from India commented that it really feels like Diwali in India.
ISW Children doing Diwali Pooja 2011It is also very satisfying when we see our young children taking so much interest in the Puja itself.  A few kids were following the Puja with their own Puja- Thali.  They were intensely into it and were trying to follow the process as accurately as possible.  I was impressed by one little girl with her keen interest in learning about our rituals.  She noticed that I used a flower to sprinkle Puja- water on the attendees and wanted to know if using the flower had any special significance.

If you did not get to attend the Puja this year, we hope you will give us the pleasure of your company next year.

May Goddess Laxmi Bless every one with all the happiness and prosperity in the New Year.