The New eSandesh

Notice something different ?  That's right ! eSandesh has a new and (we hope) improved new look!

ISW events and activities are growing all the time- making us one of the most vibrant Indian organizations in New England. We wanted to have a way to bring you news of the latest events and activities at ISW so  last year we re-launched  our beloved Sandesh as an electronic newsletter  which is published fortnightly.

We also  want to make eSandesh a valuable resource for happenings within the community; ranging from news about businesses in the area to showcasing stellar achievements of our youngest members.

Your response to these changes was heart warming, as evidenced by the signups for the newsletter. eSandesh now reaches over 1500 families in the Metrowest and greater Worcester area ! 

Now about the changes : 

Not  happy to rest on our laurels, the eSandesh editorial team has been hard at work - not just producing a newsletter every two weeks but also trying to gather feedback and think of ways to make this even more useful.

Here are  some of the suggestions / feedback we got and some of the changes we have made :

 What you told us
What we did 
  • The three column format was a bit confusing to many folks. 
  • On some computers - the newsletter would scroll  off the right edge of the screen - making it hard to find the latest events   
Our design team agreed. So we have redesigned the newsletter in a 2 column format that should be easier to read. We dug deep into our HTML coding skills ( ok - we stretched them somewhat!) so the newsletter width now matches your available screen size.
  • Can't I have a quick and easy way to just know which events are coming up - without having to read the whole newsletter ? 

What! you want to get away without reading our precious newsletter completely ? No Way !  ( just kidding!)

We have added a handy index at the top of the newsletter that shows whats in the newsletter. 

  •  The header graphic was nice - but could use a refresh.
Agreed. With apologies those members whose pictures used to grace the header before - we have a new header graphic for eSandesh. But fear not - we expect to refresh this periodically - so if you have an idea for a great new picture to adorn the next eSandesh - feel free to send us a note. ( For the budding artists - we need a graphic which is sized 800X100 pixels ) 
  Finally - you were too kind to say it - but our overall formatting was a bit staid. We made some changes to the look and feel overall. 

 I hope you like the changes - but even more than that - I sure hope you will tell us how to improve it for the next revision. 

Please leave comments - both bouquets and brickbats -  in the comments area below ! And thanks for reading !

-Ashish Cowlagi
Managing Editor - eSandesh 

eSandesh Editorial team : 

Puneet Kohli , Raj Melville , Nirmala Mani, Tushar Pande , Hemant Shah