Annual Diwali Cultural Program

Annual Diwali Cultural Program Report ----Ragoo Raghunathan

November 14 marked two things this year for us - India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday also known as Children's Day, and ISW's Annual Cultural Program that coincides with Diwali every year. This year the program was held at the Oak Middle School in Shrewsbury between 2 pm - 7pm this past Saturday.
Jagan Srinivasan chaired the group, and with the help of other volunteers was able to put on a fabulous show for the second time in a row. The decorations by Alankar Event Planners and Decorators was very elegant and Shobha Shastry generously helped us with that. The program started at 2.00pm with a group of adorable kids doing a party themed dance.  This was followed by over 40 other 
performances, like various dances including a classical 

dance by Ilakya, whistle/guitar performance, few joke sessions and also a mimicry segment by Pranav Cowlagi. The variety show also included a piano recital and a short comedy show to introduce our own Executive Committee members during the show. This year ISW offered 2 Academic Excellence (Varun Swamy & Nishta Krishnan) and 2 Citizenship awards (Rhea Vyas & Aishwarya Khanna) to high school kids, who were selected from numerous applicants based on their achievements during the calendar year. 

The program was compered by the Chair of the cultural committee Anjali Arora with the help of a few emcees - Anjali, Manasvi, Sonali, Neena and Ragoo. Each one of them brought their own flair to the show and kept it running in a swift pace. The hall was packed with a very engaged audience throughout the show. The audience were enjoying the program with no breaks, except to stop by intermittently to visit the few vendor booths, or to grab a bite from the local Bollywood Grille restaurant who had some of their delectable food for sale. The IYG kids also took the opportunity to have a mini bake sale and presented their baking skills. These kids also did a fantastic job on and behind the stage with the sets and screen, having the performing groups organized and ready to go as they were called upon the stage. Kudos to those young volunteers who are our next generation ISW members, and will become the executive committee very soon. 

We would like to thank all the volunteers who helped make this event a great success and all of us had a wonderful evening celebrating our community, Diwali and our Annual Cultural program at the same time. We look forward to more such events in the coming year and welcome you all to be part of our growing ISW community. 

Please find photos and videos from the occasion on our Facebook site HERE and HERE.

................................. Ragoo Raghunathan, Member ISW Executive Committee.