Satsang/Sadhana - July 10, 2016

Satsang and RathYatra.......................................Sarita Deshpande
We had another successful event of Satsang/ Sadhana this month. Pushpa Joshi and Nisha Bawa graciously sponsored this event at India Center.
Another attraction of this event was RathYatra organized by Raj Heda and his group. This was the very first time that RathYatra was held in Shrewsbury, The procession started with Arati and Shankhnaad (शंखनाद ). All devotees did join in the procession along with Jagannath ji's chanting and bhajans. The devotees included all folks from ages 5 to 90.
The typical tradition of Jagannath puri RathYatra was being experienced by all young and adults in a great atmosphere. More than 60 attendees had a great feast of melodious Bhajans sung by our many talented and experienced devotees. The religious event was concluded with Arati and delicious Prashad.  
To see the pictures CLICK HERE - Picture Credit - Vinay Vyas