Navratri Garba - 2016

Navratri Garba at Oak Middle School ..............................Ragoo Raghunathan

Happy Navrathri to all! Hope your festival season started out as good as it did for us at ISW. As always, the ISW was one of the first to organize a 'Garba Night' in the area. Decorations started at 5pm at the Oak Middle School gymnasium in Shrewsbury, and registration table and food set up by 7.00pm. That is when the people started pouring in. Last year we had the first Garba in town, but this year there was another one scheduled on the same day. However, we were hoping that the community we know and have spent a lot of time with during all other ISW activities will show up. As it hit 7:30 pm, people started pouring in - couples, families, friends and extended families and neighbors alike. By 9pm we had more than 700 people get in with either tickets they had reserved online, or bought at the registration desk. Guests were happy that they could also buy dandiyas at the door, and the pile of dandiyas we had disappeared very soon. 

Added to that, people enjoyed the scrumptious food sold by Aunty G's at the show. BSL's DJ Akshay kept the crowd on its feet by providing great music that everybody from kids to teens to grandparents were able to dance to. The mixes were entertaining and had the right beat for dandiya and raas. Even after the last bit was played, people hung on and demanded more tunes, as DJ Akshay very happily agreed to play a couple more. It took us some effort to get the people out of the gym finally around 11.30pm with everyone totally exhausted by dancing. Overall, everyone had fun and said they were looking forward to the next Garba.

For pictures of the Garba VISIT ISW FACEBOOK PAGE. Thanks for Anjali Arora, chair of the cultural committee for taking the pictures.