Indian Youth Group (IYG)

About IYG

IYG was founded by Carolyn Passey in 1991 with a motive to bring Youth of Indian origin together to make them aware of their importance in the community. This student-run organisation conducts their monthly meetings to plan their activities.  IYG members elect an Executive Committee consisting of President, Vice President, Co-Secretaries, Treasurer,  and Project Manager. During the year members perform several community service programs and few fun activities.  The end result is that they have a place where they have fun, be part of the community and feel proud of their heritage.

Members can help plan events by becoming "chairs" of the event, as well as by becoming a Member at Large of the group. All IYG members have an opportunity through participation to develop team building and leadership skills, while having fun through the activities. 

Some of the activities that are performed every year are:

  • Humrahi Holi in March
  • Showcase India in April
  • Walk for Hunger in May
  • IYG General Elections in June
  • Six Flags in July
  • Kid's Zone in India Day in August
  • Walk For Cancer in September
  • Little Store in December

Our meetings are typically the Second Saturday of every month from 11:00-11:45 at the India Center. It is free to join with a Family ISW Membership.

For any general inquiries on joining, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IYG manages many communications via text. If you would also like to receive IYG updates over text, you can text “@iygsec” to 81010