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Board of Trustees - 2015

  • Mr Hemant Shah (Chairman)     2012-2015   (First Term)
  • Shri Garg -                                      2013-2016   (First Term)
  • Mrs. Carolyn Passey                    2015-2018    (Second Term)    
  • Mrs. Vijay Jain                               2014-2017   (Second Term)  
  • Mr. Arun Basil                                2013-2016   (First Term)    
  • Rajit Seth                                       2015-2018    (First Term)
  • Bharti Bhakta                                2015-2018    (First Term)
  • Varinder Bawa                             2015-2018    (First Term)
  • Subash Gupta                              2015-2018    (First Term)


Click on Executive Committee  to send an email to entire Executive Committee.

Click on  Board of Trustees   to send an email to entire Board of Trustees.

Note:  Board members are elected for a four year term. Typically, the term starts from the date General Body Elections are held and ends on December 31st of the fourth year of the term as member of BOT.