ISW 2020

ISW 2020 Next steps


As a member of ISW's Strategic Advisory Group, you participated in the kickoff session of our  ISW 2020 Strategic planning process in the Summer.  It has been a couple of months since we provided you an update on the progress of that effort, so I am writing to tell you about the most recent developments in that process : 


  1. As you know we formed a core ISW Strategy committee. That committee has been hard at work, meeting every two weeks since late summer through fall. 
  2. We first divided the 400+ ideas into smaller logical groups so we could spend time analyzing each and every idea that was generated. We also added a lot of research data points ( like demographic data ) and analysis of each demographic group so we could manage the 400+ ideas better. 
  3. We evaluated each idea in a number ways, including ease of execution and the potential impact to the future of ISW.
    Some of the ideas which were considered relatively easy to execute and had a strong strategic impact to ISW -  we have already started execution on. A good example of this is the Cricket tournament that ISW organized recently.  Another example, that we are still working on is a Welcome Package for new members who move into the area.
  4. Finally - we are building a first draft of the strategic plan -- derived from the ideas that you generated -- and we hope to call another meeting of similar to one we had in May to review this summary with you and get your feedback.
I am constantly encouraged by the vitality and enthusiasm we see at every ISW event in the recent past - and I hope that this process will result in a strategic plan that will take us forward on this journey.

Thanks so much for your contributions to this process !

Ashish Cowlagi
Chair, ISW Strategic Leadership Committee 


Original by Rajiv dayal

It was great to see you and so many of our friends at the first Strategic Advisory Group meeting. I am writing to provide a few updates on our work since the last meeting. We have formed 2 additional committees to manage the next steps :


  1. We have asked Ashish Cowlagi to chair the Strategic Leadership Committee. This committee will be responsible for pouring through the inputs we received, as well as other ideas from the committee. They will start investigating and prioritizing these ideas and also identify ideas ready for early action.

    Members of this committee: We have started reaching out to a few of the people that had volunteered to invite them to this committee. We want to maintain the same spectrum of diversity that we saw in the first meeting so that we come out with a vibrant plan. We will update everyone as soon as the new committee is formed. 
  2. We have asked Anjali Arora to chair the Strategic Initiative Execution Committee. This committee will start planning feasibility and executing on the early actions as they are identified by the SLC. 

    Members : We expect the membership of this committee to grow as the actionable ideas develop and they will be working in close cooperation of the existing ISW sub-committees. 

As the planning process progresses - we expect to call on many of the members of this group to join smaller teams focused on specific tasks.. please stay tuned!