Past Events

India Day Rocks DCU Center

Unity in Diversity on show as India Day 15 rocks the DCU Center in Worcester 

A packed house crowd celebrated India Day at the magnificent DCU Center on August 15, 2015. The grand festival featuring music, dance, food, activities and a bazaar  has been organized by the India Society of Worcester for 27 years in smaller venues, but the DCU Center in Worcester was the largest venue to host the event to date. 

 " We were hoping for a good response from the community - but the attendance and participation for the event was outstanding. We packed the house !" said Puneet Kohli, co-Chair of the India Day organizing committee. 
One of the reasons for the success of the event, has been the strong partnership initiative the India Society rolled out reaching out to over the regional Indian organizations in the area, as well as a large number of charitable organizations all over  Massachusetts. "They made a special effort to reach out to our community and its leaders and in turn, we worked hard to pull the community together to build together a cultural performance and a state booth that best represented our community" says Bharati Biswas, who was one of the volunteers for the Bangla  community.

A grand parade led by the past presidents of the 50 year old society kicked of the festival where 22 states of India were represented in various state booths and the cultural program was divided into segments presented by each  region. Cuisines from four corners of India wafted delicious aromas across the festival floor.  The rich tapestry of the diverse Indian culture was on full display. 

The partner organizations included Gurjar, NEMM, NEKK, KOA, KANE, NESS, NEMA, NETS, BNE, TAGB, Assameese asscoiation, Prabasi, Bangla-o-Biswa and OSNE.  Harvard pilgrim Healthcare Foundation and St. Vincent Hospital were gold sponsors for the event.  Worcester Mayor Joe Petty addressed the crowd and read the proclamation issued by the city of Worcester proclaiming the day as India Day.  Teenagers representing the India Youth Group a part of the India Society kept the young visitors entertained in a kids zone and A free Health stop provided free health consultations. 
" We wanted to make this event more meaningful than numbers" said Rajiv Dayal "  President of the India Society. " India is home to over 25 official languages and over 4000 dialects.  Many of the world's largest religions including Christianity, Sikhism, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism call India home. This results in a  rich cultural fabric that celebrates Unity in Diversity. We wanted a program that brought this to forefront, not just in the cultural program and food  but also in the way the program was organized.  I am grateful to my partners in all the regional organizations that partnered with us, and we hope to be back here next year" 
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