Past Events

Satsang - January 2017

Satsang January 2017 ----------------------------------- Sarita Deshpande

ISW kicked off its Religious event series with the celebration of Makar Sankrant / Pongal / Lodhi on January 15 at the India Center. ISW Marathi Shala Parents' group organized this event with an enthusiasm. The program started with a Ganesha Vandana sung by Marathi Shala student Dhruv Jagan. Then Mrs. Vaijayanti Joshi explained the importance of celebration of Sankrant and how we worship the Sun on this occasion. She said 'back in India the people worship Sun, the God of energy and light. The Sun shifts into zodiacal sign of Makar on its celestial path. This is the first change in the zodiac after winter solistice.' 

The ritual included offering harvest things like rice, sesame seeds, moong dal,carrots etc. into 5 clay pots (thses clay pots represent 5 elements of nature - Earth(bhumi), Water (Jal) , Fire (Agni), Wind (Vayuu) and Sky (Aakash). This is the event of worshipping nature where we welcome and enjoy the harvest season. After the puja and arati, Marathi Shala students performed Shloka ( Nityapaath) and special song of flying kites (ढीलदेरेढीलदे) After a wonderful presentation by all the cultural school kids, there was one more special event of showering all the kids with treats and goodies. This is a called "Bornaha' in Maharasthra. The kids are showered with Bore ( special kind of Berry), Harabhara (Green fresh chana), churmure (rice puffs) and candies. 

The program was concluded by delicious food made and brought by all the attendees. 

For pictures of the event CLICK HERE - (Picture credit - Shirish Joshi)