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Dear Visitor,   You may have noticed that we recently rolled out a new updated version of the website. This has many new benefits including a more modern look and feel,  enhanced security, much better performance on mobile devices  and the ability to do more frequent updates. Please let us know what you think !

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ISW elects new Executive Board

Ashish Cowlagi and Puneet Kohli were elected as the President and Vice President of Indian Society of Worcester for 2017-2019 at the General Body Meeting and elections held on January 22, 2017. In addition, the following were elected to various other positions on the Executive Committee. Congratulations to all!



Mr. Ashish Cowlagi

Vice President

Mr. Puneet Kohli


Mr. Jagan Srinivasan

Asst. Secretary

Mr. Ragoo Nathan


Mr. Shaikh Hoque

Asst. Treasurer

Mrs. Ragini Seth

Chair, Cultural

Mrs. Sarita Deshpande

Chair, Religious

Mrs. Meera Gupta

Chair, School

Mrs. Shiamin Melville

Chair, India Center

Mr. Gautam Shah


Mr. Nityajit Hem


Mrs. Sonal Koppikar


Mr. Balki Chandra


Mrs. Sneh Jaisingh


Mrs. Pinder Braich