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Project Me : Agile Management techniques for everyday life

Use the same management techniques used by  Google, Facebook and GE to manage everyday tasks in your own life!

For Kids Ages : 12 – 17 Yrs


Sunday February 25 at 2:30 – 7:30 PM 

India Center.

Instructor : Mr Raj Heda
Raj is a consultant on Agile management techniques to multiple multinationals. He is also adjunct faculty at Boston University and Brandeis. 


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A seminar focused on "Agile Project Management - A guide to day-to-day task Management". Please do not get intimidated by the title! It is a fun filled team based seminar which teaches sophisticated (yet simple) concepts using LEGOs!!  Yes, LEGOs!!
Join us for this 4 hour seminar on Sunday February 25 at 2:30 pm at the ISW Center.
Here is some additional information:
1. Who will conduct the seminar? Mr. Raj Heda - he is a well known industry professional who practices what he preaches.  His 2 young daughters (8 and 10 years) are prime examples of what this seminar can do for our families. Besides his professional work with multi-national organizations, Raj finds time to teach Masters level Project Management courses at Boston University and Brandeis. 
3. What will be done during the simulation? Organized into Agile teams, you will learn what it means to build an iterative and modular product and experience hands-on some key concepts of Agile: backlogs, story point estimations, sprinting, demos & retrospectives. WOW! Big terms!!!! You will go home and boast to your friends. Here is a secret - maybe you already know all of this but use different words to describe. We might even give you a chance to tell us some of the other terms we can use to describe these concepts.

4. Why is this such a cool thing to do?
a) Because Agile is becoming an increasingly important topic in the industry, and it is not only an IT topic (let's break that myth already!). Several major companies are now implementing Agile across their entire organization. They have stand up teams with technical and business people to work on the same product and collaborate more efficiently. Most Tech majors do it. It's an exciting topic. It will be great for our ISW family to come together, participate and learn

b) Because the agile methodology is full of best practices that you can apply to your own work and in your day-to-day life 

c) Because the facilitators for the session are cool people, obviously. If you had to choose one reason to come, take this one  ​




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