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ISW Khana Khazana

 Do you love to eat? the save the date and plan to visit India Center on May 5th. The fantastic event is being planned for you and your family and friends on this day.The event is focused on 'FOOD'. - Food Contest - 'खाना! अपना खजाना. 
'Food' is one of the popular cultures of India.  The cultural team of ISW is coming up with this brand new event to highlight the traditional / non traditional /modern variety of Indian Food. Indian cuisine is known for its large assortment of dishes. The cooking styles varies from region to region. 
        So be a part of this foody event by participating in this Food Contest and/or attending this event to taste amazing samples of contestants.

Guidelines / Rules for the Contest

 1. There will be two categories   

       a. चटपटा खजाना  (savory dish)  b. मीठा खजाना (sweet dish)

2.  The contestants need to register via this link -   https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScUehjtjpklzz4QQXS_ZlB0VTjixwEtqCiidciTCB0Oy4oGsg/viewform  

3. The registered contestants can select only one category.

4. Food items from savory dish category can include veg or non-veg food item.

5. Contestants must bring 25 sample servings (each serving apporx 1/4 cup size)

6. Contestants must bring their own warming tools (if required)

7. The samples will be tasted by the judges and attendees.

8. One winner from each category will be announced based on judges’ choice

9  One  winner from each category will be announced  as Attendees' choice based on Popular vote.


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