Past Events

ISW elects new Executive Board

The ISW  General Body elected a new Executive board and members to the Committee on Governance at the annual general body meeting held on Jan 27th 2019 at the India Center.   


The term of this both committees will run from 2019 - 2020. 

Please welcome the new and returning  members ! 


Mr. Ashish Cowlagi

Vice President

Mr. Puneet Kohli


Mr. Jagan Srinivasan

Asst. Secretary

Mr. Balki Chandrakasan


Mr. Rajesh Khare

Asst. Treasurer

Mrs. Vimi Seth

Chair, Cultural

Mrs. Sarita Deshpande

Chair, Religious

Mrs. Nisha Bawa

Chair, School

Mrs. Shiamin Melville

Chair, India Center

Mr. Shri Garg


Mrs. Amita Rao


Mrs. Ragini Seth


Mr. Raghunathan Arumugham


Mrs. Suchitra Agrawal 


Mrs. Pinder Braich

In addition,  Chairs nominated by the India Youth Group and Humrahee are part of the Executive board. 

They are : Mrs Pushpa Joshi ( Chair, Humrahee) and Mr. Rajit Seth, Ms. Mitali Biswas (Advisors, IYG)


ISW Committee  on Governence ( 2019 - 2020  term) :  

Chair : Dr  Sahdev Passey  
Members :  Mr. Shaikh Hoque, Mr. Pradeep Sharma

As per India Society by-laws, the following members of the Committees on Governance and Nominations voted to accept the proceedings : 

Dr. Sahdev Passey, Mr. Suresh Gupta, Mrs. Neena Mohanka, Mrs Bharti Biswas and Mrs. Carolyn Passey. 


Committee on Nomination

  • Neena Mohanka (Chair)
  • Carolyn Passey
  • Bharti Biswas
  • Hemant Shah
  • Sushila Pathalam