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ISW Career Support Group Initiatve

India Society of Worcester's Career Support Group (CSG ) Initiative - Monday Augusr 12, 2019

Amid the pomp and splendor of India Day, India Society of Worcester introduces another community support initiative.

For the first time this year during India Day celebrations, ISW had a session / booth for  Career Support & Guidance spearheaded by  ISW Director Dr. Arumugham (Ragoo) Raghunathan. 

The goal was to provide professionals in transition or in between jobs a platform to meet and get feedback on their resumes, cover letters and job search strategies. An additional objective was to enable networking opportunities with local thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and volunteers who have been successful in their areas of expertise - like biotech, pharmaceuticals, IT, Healthcare and entrepreneurship.

A booth was set up beside the welcome table to offer a quiet space.  Guests and volunteer experts gathered by 3.30pm.  Dr. Parthiban Rajasekaran, a new member of ISW volunteered to take point in managing the session, with Ragoo Raghunathan moderating the panel consisting of Dr. Sudhir Aggarwal, Dr. Raj Melville and Dr. Govind Panchamoorthy and Shaikh Hoque. Professionals mainly from the biotech/pharma industry and few from IT and an entrepreneur attended the session that went on for over 90 minutes. Among many, topics like what to include in a cover letter to make it effective, how do you transition into a new field, importance of networking and mentoring were discussed. All of them exchanged contact information before they went on to attend the remaining celebrations.

ISW-CSG plans on creating a platform on LinkedIn to stay connected and having monthly meetings at the India Center to continue this dialog and help the community with networking and career development opportunities. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details on future meetings and if you would like to seek or offer help in this area. "The CSG program is free and open to everyone" stressed Dr. Raghunathan.

Earlier that afternoon, before the career support and guidance session, Dr. Larry Garber, Medical Director of Informatics with Reliant Medical Group, apprised the group on the ‘All of Us’ program run by the National Institutes of Health in Precision Medicine, and highlighted the importance of enrolling in the program to enable researchers to help develop medicines that would work for all races and ethnicities. Majority of the population being studied currently in the US for development of new drugs consists mainly of the Caucasian male population and their genetics, diet, behavior etc. In order to make drugs that work for everyone there is a need for a true representation of their genetics, diet and practices in the population/data being studied.

"The India Society is proud to support the UMass Medical School and Reliant Medical Group in this program" said India Society President Ashish Cowlagi.  If you are interested in learning more or participating in that study and helping development of drugs that work for you and your children in the future please visit  and enroll.