Past Events

Hiking Trip - 2016

ISW First Hiking Trip.............................................Anjali Arora

ISW did their first ever hike to top of Mt. Wachusett.  A lot of children, and adults joined the hike. We started from the ski lodge and took the Old Indian Trail to the top. The top is at about 2200 Feet. The trail was rockey and steep and people found the hike invigorating. Once at the top, everyone shared the snacks they had brought, enjoyed the nice weather and then everyone hiked back down. A group of people took the Pine Hill Trail down the mountain and some others went down the main road.

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Satsang/Sadhana - July 10, 2016

Satsang and RathYatra.......................................Sarita Deshpande
We had another successful event of Satsang/ Sadhana this month. Pushpa Joshi and Nisha Bawa graciously sponsored this event at India Center.
Another attraction of this event was RathYatra organized by Raj Heda and his group. This was the very first time that RathYatra was held in Shrewsbury, The procession started with Arati and Shankhnaad (शंखनाद ). All devotees did join in the procession along with Jagannath ji's chanting and bhajans. The devotees included all folks from ages 5 to 90.

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Sadhana - Ceremony to Celebrate the Graduates

Sadhana dedicated to graduates .............................................Sarita Deshpande

We had another successful event this month in our Sadhana Series of Religious activity at ISW.

This Sadhana was dedicated to Graduates to celebrate a great success of their High School Graduation. There were 6 students from ISW family who performed Ganesh Puja guided by our very own Anu Deshpande. Mrs Deshpande explained the meaning of all small rituals involved in puja vidhi and also explained the significance of it in relation to day to day life. The students also did Arati along with all the parents and attendees.

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Another enjoyable camping weekend

The fourth annual ISW camping trip to Camp Resolute, a Boy scout Reservation in Bolton, MA was a great success. It was great to see many first time campers. It was nice to see several families with small children and grandparents. Activities included Archery, Riffle Shooting, Canoeing, Kayaking and field sports. Playing Antakshari around the campfire while the kids had fun making Smores in the campfire added a cerian uniqueness to the trip. There was of course lots of India food and desserts. 

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ISW kicks off Young Adult Seminar series

ISW kicks off Young Adult Seminar Series - Money Matters.......Vinay Vyas
ISW's Young Adult Seminar Series kicked-off successfully on June 5, 2016 at the India Center. 
Our first seminar "Money Matters" was attended by over 30 inquisitive and interested participants ranging from 12 year old to 20 year old college students.  Parents were also present. 
Kanan Sachdeva expertly introduced key "money" concepts using interactive tools.  Participants sat in groups and used laptops, tablets and phones to work on those tools.  It was interesting to see and hear the responses on "How long would it take to become a millionaire".

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