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Bollywood Quiz

9 Aug 2020 5:32 PM | Anonymous

By Arun Radhakrishnan

"Relive old classics...recollect old memories...relax yourself". That was the theme of the Bollywood Quiz event as part of the ISW India Day celebrations. Hopefully, that is what the contestants and the audience were able to do. The event was split into 2 individual sessions spread across two days and each one had all the "masala" that makes for a blockbuster Bollywood movie. Each session consisted of 5 rounds of rapid-fire questions and the categories ranged from famous movie dialogues to clips of yesteryear chartbusters, celebrity eyes, acronyms of movie names and song lyrics. We had an amazing group of contestants for each session who were not only passionate, but also extremely knowledgeable about our movies. Their speed at hitting the buzzer along with an engaging audience made this fast paced event so much more fun. Congratulations to our winners - Anisha Bhadauria (Session 1) and Puneet Gupta (Session 2) and a big THANK YOU to all the participants and our audience for an engaging event. Thank you to ISW volunteers, ISW Cultural Committee and Bollywood Quiz organizers (Amita and Sarita) for your support. Also thanks to the quizmaster Arun for coming up with such a fun concept and an amazing set of questions.

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