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Committee on Governance

Executive Committee

Supporting Committees

Committee on Governance

This Committee on Governance reviews  Constitution and By-laws and functioning of the Society at least once a year and endorses them, or may suggest any amendments for approval by the General Body.

Per ISW's By Laws:

In addition, the Committee shall also review any amendments proposed by the Active members according to the Article 3.8 of the ISW Constitution. This Committee shall discuss all proposed Bylaws amendments the Executive Board prior to presenting to the General Body. This committee shall also serve as a Committee on Grievance for the Society to resolve conflict between the members of the Executive Board and any complaints lodged against the Executive Board by the members of the Society. With a majority vote this Committee shall have authority to call a special General Body meeting to address any specific issue important to the functioning of the Society. 

Current Members of the Committee of Governance : 

Dr. Sahdev Passey  ( Chair)
Mr. Pradeep Sharma
Mr. Shaikh Hoque

Mr. Ashish Cowlagi ( President, Executive Board)
Mr. Puneet Kohli ( Vice President, Executive Board)

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Executive Committee

ISW Executive Board 


Mr. Ashish Cowlagi


Vice President

Mr. Puneet Kohli



Mr. Jagan Srinivasan


Asst. Secretary

Mr. Balki Chandra



Mr. Rajesh Khare


Asst. Treasurer

Mrs. Poonam Hingorani


Chair, Cultural

Mrs. Sarita Deshpande


Chair, Religious

Mrs. Nisha Bawa


Chair, School

Mrs. Shiamin Melville


Chair, India Center

Mr. Shri Garg



Mrs. Ragini Seth



Mr. Mr. Ragoo Arumugham



Mrs. Amita



Mrs. Pinder Braich



Mrs. Suchitra Agarwal   mal@iswonline.org

Send Executive Committee to send email to the Executive Committee - ec@iswonline.org

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Supporting Committees

Humrahee Chair

Mr. Sharat Amin

Cultural Committee

Ms. Sarita Deshpande
Ms. Aarthi Cowlagi
Ms. Snehlata Kadam
Ms Komal Tanna

Committee on Nomination (To be confirmed)

Barin Bando
Carolyn Passey
Shaikh Hoque
Sonal Koppikar

Renuka Garg

Sushila Pathalam 

Crisis Committee

Mrs Usha Verma  [Chair]

Scholarship Committee

Web / IT Committee

Puneet Kohli

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