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"Crisis Committee is here to help you in your time of need with an array of services to recover from your crisis”

A group of volunteers to help serve any committing member with help in any of these or more areas.

Our services have included crisis assistance during illness, bereavement, domestic violence intervention and prevention. Some of the activities we have been engaged include:

  • Helpline and Safety Planning
  • Legal & Immigration Support (U visa filings)
  • Referrals to support groups
  • Assistance to obtain public benefits and emergency shelter
  • Education on Men Against Violence
  • Accompany and Interpretation/translation for police and court
  • Rides for doctor’s appointments and essential needs
  • Help to report abuse
  • Assistance with obtaining restraining orders, child support/custody and divorce
  • Assist DYS with their interventions for Asian American children and families
  • Assist with loss and bereavement crisis
  • We have also provided emergency cash assistance, groceries and foods, winter clothing, baby needs, car seats and kitchen utensils, emergency cell phones, ipad’s, laptop computers and printers for needy families and children from donations received from our community.

We have partnered with several domestic violence organizations including Saheli, Jane Doe, YWCA, Worcester Legal Aid, ADVISE and Indian Circle for Caring. Our members have provided over 1500 hours of honorary service to provide assistance and guidance for over 73 families and children. We have approximately $9000 from donations in the ISW account for crisis intervention activities and received $500 in Dec 2019 at the ISW Christmas event given to the ISW President and $100 from an anonymous donor for a funeral which was promptly given to the grieving family.

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