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Indulge in the captivating beauty of the artwork!

ISW Symphony is a dazzling community that welcomes individuals with a deep appreciation for the arts and those eager to explore various art forms. It serves as ISW's latest hub, encompassing a diverse range of popular performing arts like music, dance, theatre, as well as visual arts such as drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, filming, and even standalone art forms like literature.

This platform offers a broad stage for artists, enthusiasts, performers, and passionate individuals to showcase their talents and immerse themselves in the world of art. Within this realm of creativity, countless innovative ideas flourish.

Our team is actively seeking additional ideas and initiatives, making ISW Symphony the perfect destination for those who wish to contribute their unique perspectives.

 There are 4 wings of Art forms

1. Visual Arts - Drawing, Painting, Coloring, Sketching 

  Events such as Art contests, Art exhibitions, Paint nights, Painting workshops, can be included in this wing.

2. Performing Arts - Music, Dance, Theatre

  Events, programs of karaoke nights, music programs, folk music bands and groups, dance workshops etc. 

3. Applied Arts - Ceramic painting, Mosaic art, Pottery or unique art of cooking - Culinary Arts.

 Different sculpting workshops, pottery workshops can be a good fit under this wing.

4. Literary Arts - Fiction, Non fiction, Poetry 

 Poets, Authors, Writers, can find a great platform to gather and discuss about their passion for writing.


If you have any creative idea of an event or any new activity that can fit in the above, then fill up our idea box form with the link  - Idea Box

ISW Symphony Committee

  • Sarita Deshpande - Chair
  • Sakshi Gurao - Operations 
  • Rajesh Khare / Ashok Kale - Dhol Tasha Pathak Lead
  • Usha Yadav - Vocal Ensemble -

Past events:

ISW Art Contest Event

Date: April 24th, 2021

Time: 11:00AM - 12:30 PM

Venue- Zoom 


Volunteering Opportunities 2021


  • 22 Feb 2021 9:35 PM | Anonymous

    Art Competition

    Date: Saturday April 24th

    Time:  11:00am-12:30pm

    Registration Fee: $10 per participant

    Registration closes April 13th, 2021

Events and Activities in 2021

  • Art Competition
  • Folk Music Enthusiasts Group - Dhol Tasha Pathak

Palatable Pickles

Under ISW Symphony's Culinary Arts wing, this very first program of 'Achaar Making workshop' was held at the India Center on July 10th. 

  The three demonstrators were Reeta Tandon, Suchitra Agrawal and Neena Sehgal. 

 Reeta ji showed a unique way of making sweet and sour raw mango pickle. The pickle which is very popular to the people who like sweet and especially in the hot summer days this kind of pickle can accompany any menu of the meal.

 Suchitra ji revealed a secret traditional with her own creative inputs in the recipe of making 'carrots, cauliflower and turnip sweet and sour pickle'. The pickle itself was looking so tempting that the attendees could not resists but showed an interest to taste it as soon as it got ready. 

 Neena ji Sehgal started her demonstration by showing a fresh, green chilies to the audience. Many of the attendees asked her that 'isn't it going to be too spicy?' Neenaji answered them very quietly 'you better taste it!'. Believe it or not but when I, myself could taste that 'chilie' with curd rice and realized what she meant to say.. The green chiilies when it got mixed with all other spices and some vinegar sprinkles; diluted the extra spiciness of the chillies .

  The overall event was very well appreciated by the 25+ attendees. There is a demand of many more such demo and workshops in this series. 

 The next one in this Culinary Arts series will be 'South Indian Achaars'. Stay tuned for the more details. Till then, keep cooking!! 

--Sarita Deshpande, Chair ISW Symphony

ISW Symphony

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