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IYG was founded by Carolyn Passey in 1991 with a motive to bring Youth of Indian origin together to make them aware of their importance in the community. This student-run organization conducts their monthly meetings to plan their activities.  IYG members elect an Executive Committee consisting of President, Vice President, Co-Secretaries, Treasurer, and Project Manager. During the year members perform several community service programs and few fun activities.  The end result is that they have a place where they have fun, be part of the community and feel proud of their heritage.

Members can help plan events by becoming "chairs" of the event, as well as by becoming a Member at Large of the group. All IYG members have an opportunity through participation to develop team building and leadership skills, while having fun through the activities. 

IYG Executive Board

  • Dhruv Jagan President 
  • Tanvi Gahlot - Vice President
  • Arin Shinde, Anushka Singh - Secretaries
  • Aaditya Yadav - Treasurer 
  • Sohan Hegde - Project Manager 
  • Usha Yadav and Shilpa Kulkarni- Advisors

Upcoming IYG Events

December 16th  Meeting:

When: 12/16 @11am

Where: India Center

How to get Involved


(1) Get an ISW Family membership $25 annual fee
(2) Send an email to with ISW membershio proof and request to join IYG

For any general inquiries on joining, send an email to 

Track your 2024 volunteer hours:

If you would also like to receive IYG updates over text, you can text “@iygsec” to 81010

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(1) Get an ISW Family membership $25 annual fee
(2) Send an email to with ISW membershio proof and request to join IYG

IYG Highlights

IYG Blog

Latest updates from IYG

Volunteering Opportunities 2022

         Humrahi Holi
         Showcase India 
         Walk for Hunger
         Kids’ Zone @ India Day
         Spirit of Shrewsbury Expo
         UMass Walk for Cancer
         ISW Diwali Show Backstage
         Little Store, Worcester, MA
         Valentine’s Day Cards for Veterans

Fun Events in 2022

  • Movie Night
  • Six Flags
  • Graduation Party
  • LaserCraze
  • Escape Room

IYG Membership: IYG has over 75 current members and consistently maintains strong attendance at each meeting. A recent significant increase in middle school and underclass high school members has allowed us to expand and cater towards a younger audience. Current breakdown of membership consists of 12% middle schoolers, 49% underclassmen (9th and 10th grades), 38% upperclassmen (11th and 12th grades). Our IYG advisors are IYG alumni from their own youth, and we are super excited to be working with them!

Showcase 2022: Our annual flagship event organized solely by IYG members is usually an outstanding success every year; In 2019, We had a record 51 performances with over 250 youth dancers. IYG Showcase 2019 also reached over $9,000 in revenue including $2,250 in sponsorships and advertisements alone, both record highs in IYG history! Showcase 2022 is planned to be held the third Saturday of April at a location TBD.

2019 Alumni Event: In June 2019, we held our first annual IYG Alumni Party. This was a very fun picnic for all current and past IYG members, held at Dean Park in Shrewsbury. The event provided an engaging opportunity to network and socialize, as well as act as a fun celebration for the end of the school year.

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