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Checkout what is a happening at India Society of Worcester - These are some of the Upcoming events at ISW which happen once a year only. So don't miss out and register to attend the events. Many of these are Free Member only event or Member discounted events.

Upcoming events

    • 27 Jun 2022
    • 9:00 AM
    • 19 Aug 2022
    • 11:00 PM
    • Online


    ISW University  Summer Semester, Online Tutoring//Workshops  2022

    ISW  Tutoring//Workshops : Summer fun and Preparing for the upcoming academic year. 

    Enrollment is open, classes starting June 27, 2022 and ending August 19, 2022

    (2 four week sessions, schedule determined by Tutor and parent) 

    Prepare your child for the next semester academic year.  Math, English, Spanish, French, Speech & Debate, Chess, Indian Cooking, Dance, Coding  and many more.  Tutor and Tutee will meet via zoom once a week for 2 four weeks sessions. One-on-One or  group classes.

    Cost - $20 (2 four week  sessions at $5 per session ) - ISW member

    A separate registration is required for each subject

    Funds collected are to be allocated to ISW Building Expansion.

    Use ISW membership email id to login.  ISW Membership can be completed/renewed here.

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    Session A  

    June 27, 2022 Monday  until July 22, 2022 Friday

    Session B  

    July 25, 2022 Monday  until August 19, 2022 Friday


    Grade (in September 2022)   Subject / Topic of the class
     KG  Arts/Crafts, Bollywood Dance
     1st   Arts/Crafts,  Bollywood Dance, Math, English, Spanish 
     2nd  Intro to Spanish,  Arts/Crafts, English,  Bollywood Dance, Math
     3rd  Intro to French, Intro to Spanish, Arts/Crafts, Bollywood Dance, Math, English 
     4th  Intro to French, Intro to Spanish,  Arts/Crafts, Bollywood Dance, Math, English
     5th  Intro to French, Intro to Spanish, Arts/Crafts, Coding, Math English
     6th  Intro to French, Intro to Spanish, Speech/Debate, Coding Math, English
     7th  Intro to French, Intro to Spanish, Math

    ISW University Tutoring 2022 Team

    Usha Yadav 508-845-0035 Advisor
    Tanvi Gahlot Registrar

    Shiamin Melville Chair 508-353-4316

    Contact: iswuniversity@iswonline.org if you looking for other grade/subjects

    We typically keep in touch by email or Whatsapp

    • 4 Jul 2022
    • 2:00 PM
    • 152 Main Street, Shrewsbury

    ISW and International Hindi Association present

    Hasya Kavi Sammelan

    Back after a break,  the ever popular event bringing well known poets and humorists from India will be held at the ISW India Center.

    ·        Vyangkar (satirist) Tej Narayan Sharma of Gwalior,

    ·        Hasya Kavi (humorist) Deepak Gupta of Faridabad

    ·        Geetkar (lyricist) Ankita Singh of Gaya.

    This year ISW is honoring all our Senior Citizens by offering this “Free of Charge” to anyone over 55 yrs of age. Come join with friends and enjoy this evening filled with fun and laughter.

    FREE For ISW Humrahee members – Humrahee is the ISW group for young at heart seniors over 55 continuing life with zeal and enthusiasm.  

    (a) Not a registered ISW member and may have have attended our Humrahee events, login with your email, select ''ISW Humrahee member'' and reserve a free ticket for yourself and spouse. We welcome you.

    (b) If you are 55+ and an ISW member, also get in FREE for yourself and your spouse, by select "Yes, I want to join Humrahee" on the registration page. Complete registration and print out your email/ticket.

    (c) All others, under 55,  join ISW now and take advantage of many other benefits. Pay $15 per person, complete registration and print out your email/ticket.  

    For more information on Humrahee meetings and activities click here

    Indian food will be available for purchase

    • Sharat Amin 508-320-7805 ISW Humrahee Chair

    Sharat Amin @ Sharatamin6@gmail.com

    Ragini Seth @ ragu1328@gmail.com

    Amita Rao@ amitarao.isw@gmail.com

    Shiamin Melville @ shiaminm@gmail.com

    Sarita Deshpande @ sarita.isw@gmail.com

      TEJ NARAYAN SHARMA of Gwalior, is a leading satirist of eminence in India. He is known for his unique style of humor and satire - reminding of late Sharad Joshi. ‘Bechain’ is his pen name. His poetry has a mixture of engaging humor and penetrating satire on society, human-relations, and politics. His humorous poems contain a deep and enchanting sarcasm on day to day problems of life in which foolishness, foibles and follies are exposed and held up to ridicule with the intent to improve the society and the humanity. Tej Narayan is a law graduate and a lawyer by profession. He has participated in over thousand national and international Kavi Sammelans since 1990s, including the prestigious Red Fort, Chaupati, Thahaka, Thitholi, and Atthaas. He is a recipient of ‘Kaka Hathrasi Hasya Ratna Samman’, ‘Atthaas Samman’, and ‘Paigaam Samman’. He has appeared on several television shows and is widely published in popular Hindi newspapers and magazines. His hilarious poems bring smiles to his readers and audience’s faces and brighten up their days. Tej Narayan has authored a book, titled ‘Kuch Pal Jeete Kuch Pal Haare’, and has published his poems in two satirical collections, one in verse and one in prose. This is his second visit to the United States. He has also performed in United Kingdom, Thailand, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, UAE, Nepal, and Oman. 

      DEEPAK GUPTA of Faridabad, a Delhi University graduate and a member of a zonal Governing Body in the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, is a renowned Hindi poet of Hasya Ras genre. He is famous for his poetry of expressional humor and quick-witted laughter. He is admired for his comic exuberance and spontaneity. His poems reveal that Deepak is a keen, amused, and at times sardonic observer of the kaleidoscope of human life. His comedic bards exude wit, wisdom, and cleverness that tickle the audience’s funny bones, keeping them on their toes and laughing out loud. He is well published in leading newspapers and magazines, and in dozens of books. As a satirist, he has performed on several national television channels, including the very first episode of ‘Wah Wah Kya Baat Hai’ on SAB TV and ‘Arz Kiya Hai’ on NDTV. Deepak has also anchored the TV program ‘Waah Kavi Ji Waah " on Surya Samachar and ‘Khabardar Khabrein’ on Janmat TV. He has authored 3 books, titled ‘Seepion Mein Band Moti’, ‘Raaste Aawaaz Dete Hain’, and ‘Roshni Bant-ta Hoon’. He has an audio CD to his credit ‘Maje Mein Raho’. Deepak has been felicitated with numerous awards including ‘Hasya Samrat Ratn’, ‘Sanskriti Samanvay Samman’, and ‘Sahityik Kriti Puraskar’. This is his second visit to the United States. He has also appeared on stage in Canada, Dubai, Oman, Nepal, and Thailand.

      ANKITA SINGH, a gifted poetess known for her melodious velvety voice and spellbinding renditions, was born and brought up in Gaya, Bihar. She is a gold medalist from Rajasthan University who taught computer science at Bangalore University but chose to follow her passion in visual & performing Arts and Poetry over her IT career. As a young entrepreneur, she is a cake artist and owner of a bakery startup named ‘Done by Mum’ in Gurgaon. Her love for poetry inspired her to reveal her hidden emotions and unnamed feelings - common in us all - in rhythmical creations of words. She takes a small detail and shows us its overwhelming truth, making us understand our own nature. Her creative writings and compositions have touched the hearts of poetry lovers all-across the globe. In a very short errand of her poetic journey Ankita has been able to establish herself as one of the most popular fresh new-faces in Hindi kavya-manch today. She has participated in many prominent literary events and national and international Kavi Sammelans and Mushairas. She has recited her compositions on various TV channels. Her poems are published in leading newspapers and magazines in India and abroad. She has been feted with numerous awards and honors, including ‘Antarnaad Sammaan’, ‘Bihar Gaurav Samman’, ‘Hindi Gaurav Samman’, and special honors from Kalki News. This is her second visit too to the United States. She has also performed in Dubai and Malaysia. 

      Click on the links below for videos:

      Tej Narayan Sharma

      Deepak Gupta

      Ankita Singh

      • 7 Jul 2022
      • 4:00 PM
      • 28 Jul 2022
      • 5:00 PM
      • Online


      ISW University presents 

      Indian cooking for kids accompanied by parents.

      Presented by Abhiram, our own  Gordon Ramsey. 

      July 7, 14, 21 on Thursdays and 27 Wednesday at 4-5 pm

      The “curriculum” for the class will be as follows: 
      1. Halwa Puri, 
      2. Pasta with veggies and tomato sauce, 
      3. Fried rice, 
      4. Paneer Bhurji. 

      Online Sessions involve stove top cooking, and parents need to be around.

      For more information: iswuniversity@iswonline.org

      Funds collected are to be allocated to ISW Building Expansion.

      Use ISW membership email id to login.  ISW Membership can be completed/renewed here.

      We would also love to hear back from you on completion, so please fill out the survey

      ISW University Team

      Usha Yadav 508-845-0035 Advisor
      Tanvi Gahlot Registrar

      Shiamin Melville Chair 508-353-4316

      • 10 Jul 2022
      • 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
      • India Center

      Sanskrit Free introductory family workshop. July 10 Sunday