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Privacy Policy

ISW has a strict privacy policy.   Please read this page to understand how ISW uses the information you share with us.Your email, address and phone numbers.

ISW will never sell, rent or share your email address or any other information with any individual or organization outside of ISW.

ISW does NOT collect credit card information from its members. If you elect to use online payment for membership renewals or any other ISW services, events – you would have to provide your credit card information directly to Online transaction vendor and this information would NOT be available to ISW.

IT vendors

For our website, newsletters and IT back-office, we work with select information technology vendors who have a stellar reputation for protecting the privacy of members. Each of these vendors are selected by the ISW IT sub-committee and have to be explicitly approved by the ISW Executive Committee.  As of Dec 1st 2015, these vendors are:

  • GoDaddy: Hosting provider our website. You can visit them at
  • Constant Contact:  Application Service Provider (ASP) for managing our newsletters and other email communication.
    You can visit them at
  • PayPal: ISW has selected an industry leader in online payments - PayPal. Your credit card number and other personal information is secured by PayPal using the latest security technology.
    • ISW never sees any financial information you provide to PayPal.
    • ISW or PayPal will NEVER ask for your credit card information or paypal password via email or phone.
  • Wildapricot  is used to manage our membership data and process. You can visit them at


FAQ and Privacy Tips



As used below, “ISW” shall mean India Society of Worcester, and its officers, directors, employees, assigns, and agents (including any third party designated and approved by ISW at any time, including, without limitation, individuals or entities involved in print, publication, television, broadcast, or video media).   As used below, “Participant” shall mean any individual, student, mentor, teacher or volunteer involved in an ISW event.  In consideration of the acceptance of my participation in any ISW event and related programs, meetings (collectively, the “Event"), I agree to the following:

I hereby grant to ISW the right to photograph and/or videotape me during my participation in an Event.  I further grant to ISW, forever and throughout the world, the right to use these photographs and videotapes of my likeness, voice and sounds during my participation, and to reuse or license the right to reuse such photographs and videotapes of my participation, and my name, likeness and biography, as ISW may desire, in all media and in all forms and for all purposes, including without limitation, advertising and other promotions for ISW without compensation to me or any limitation whatsoever.  In granting this license, I understand that ISW is not under any obligation to exercise any of their rights, licenses and privileges herein granted.  Each such photograph and videotape shall be deemed the property of ISW as the owner of any copyright and/or trademark rights therein (and all applications, registrations and renewals resulting there from).  It is ISW policy not to print a minor’s picture accompanied by his/her name unless ISW obtained specific permission from his/her parent or guardian.

Please visit this page again. We will be adding more information about protecting yourself from spam.

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