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Hope you and your family are doing well during these difficult times. For the India Society, one of our biggest efforts this year is the expansion of the India Center. While the Covid pandemic temporarily halted construction, we are happy to inform you that construction has resumed and we expect to complete by  March ' 2021. However, a planned fundraising gala was deferred to late 2021 due to COVID restrictions. We thank our community for their past support but we need your continued help, in the interim, more than ever. Click on the Donate link to help us achieve our goal of Capital Fund Raising. Below you can follow our progress of the expansion at the India Center.

India Center Construction Updates

January 2021 Update

With new year kicking off, our community center has taken its final shape. With drywalls, plumbing, heating and energy efficient LED lighting the center is getting lit bright and shinny. We are on the final few months of finishing with flooring, paint, tiles and shinny new signs getting installed. Enjoy a glimpse by watching the video.  Please Click here to become part of India Center future.

Donor Recognition Wall

The community center is coming along very nicely. It is the effort from the community and many of our generous donors who are making this center possible. The video shares a glimpse of how a "Donor Recognition Wall" at the center recognize the efforts and generosity of our donors. Please Click here to become part of India Center future

November Update - Siding & Front doors

With sidings going in this month and our front doors in, we can really see the beauty of our new center. We cannot be more excited to share the center with the community. We are looking for help,  we need your support. Please click the donate link to become part of the India Center family.  Please Click here to become part of India Center future

October Update 2- Windows Installed

With windows and doors installed, our center moves to internal buildout phase. We are almost done with framing, rough plumbing and electrical. Soon you will be able to see looks of our center taking shape We are excited to share the beautiful center with the community soon, but we need your support. Please click the donate link to become part of the India Center family.  Please Click here to become part of India Center future

October- The Patio & Concrete Floor

Another major milestone this month with our bright and shiny patio being poured. The hall  getting closer to the real finish with concrete being poured. As we get closer to move to our finishing phases, the dream of India Center is getting more real. We are excited to share with community the beautiful center soon, but we need your support. Please Click here to become part of India Center future. 

September - Time for a Roof!

As Fall has approached New England so is the buttoning up of our building. With Tywrap, Shingles and plumbing in place we are getting close to closing the exterior of the building. As more of our supporters arrive to put their marks on the steel columns of the building, we bring more of the community spirit to the India Center.

Early September - Time for a Roof!

By late August, the wooden frames had been put in and walls were built around the structure. On September 2nd, a large crane came to the construction site to begin assembling the frame of the roof. The 09/02 update video shows drone footage of the crane lifting many heavy triangular frames and our incredible construction crew nailing down these frames. A later update will show more drone footage of the completed roof and front entrance!

August - Wood frames and Pillar signings

In normal times, we would have had a celebration to sign the columns and celebrate the structure going up. Because of COVID - our volunteers have carefully been scheduling donors in small groups to sign the columns at the India Center. 

Its not too late to become a donor - we still have a big hill to climb for meeting our fundraising goals. Would you like to get your name on the India Center and support our community center vision for future generations. Click here to become part of India Center future. 

July - Donors Steel Pillars signing

The ISW India Center Expansion Project is a multi-million dollar investment. In order to fund this incredible project, ISW relies on its donors and volunteers. With the steel structure erected in mid-July, the Expansion Committee wished to present their progress to a select number of top donors and volunteers. Over a span of 2 weeks, donors were invited for (socially-distant) private signing sessions with the Expansion Committee as a thank you for their efforts in funding the Expansion Project. Drone footage of these sessions were compiled into a short movie (Left). We can't wait to show you the next step in our Expansion Project.

July 2020 Update

In July of 2020, India Center evolved dramatically as part of the ISW India Center Expansion Project. On July 9th, a steel structure was shipped to India Center and assembled on site. The establishment of the structure took over 6 hours as workers unpacked, maneuvered, and positioned the many heavy steel beams into the structure now standing. Over the next couple of days, the construction was documented via drone and iPhone footage and compiled into a short movie (Left). With the underlying steel structure erected, we can't wait to share the next significant step in the ISW Expansion Project with you. 

June 2020 Update

The ISW India Center Expansion Project made its first significant construction breakthrough in late spring of 2020. By June, the foundation for the addition in the back had been laid and the front of the building had been dismantled. The video to the left is a short movie consisting of drone footage and videos taken by ISW Volunteers. We look forward to sharing the upcoming progress of the India Center Construction with you.

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