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We are happy to announce Humrahee was relaunched in the new ISW India Center with an exciting time for all who attended. People enjoyed playing Bingo, Carrom and Card games and partook of the free snacks, coffee and tea. Humrahee is a dynamic group of young at heart seniors whose motto is to continue on in life with more zeal and enthusiasm than ever before. It is open to all 55+ with your family members. Typical activities include prayer, board and card games, carrom, chess, yoga and meditation. Chai and snacks will be served.

Additionally, other activities in the past have included:

  • Participating in the India Day celebrations
  • Picnics and overnight trips to New Hampshire and Cape Cod
  • Visiting temples during Diwali
  • Christmas get together at a restaurant
  • Partnering with UMass Worcester on a study on older men's and women's health

Join Humrahee

We meet on 4th Saturday of the month

Time: 1:00 to 4:00 pm

Place: ISW India Center

52 Main St., Shrewsbury MA


Upcoming Humrahee Events May 2022 

Karaoke and musical afternoon and stay for ISW Symphony Art Event after 4 pm   

Call Sharat 508-320-7805


April 2022 Update by Pravin Trivedi

It was another super get together on an early mild spring and sunny day with music in the air. It looked like we may not have enough people attending but slowly the India Center filled up. We were about fifteen people in the gathering.

Sharat introduced the cast and we were listening to a karaoke session from the dynamic duo of Nityajit (our own ISW’s Kishore Kumar) and Narayanji. Wonderful melodies like “Mere sapano ki Rani” got the crowd in a festive mood. There is nothing like singing to make everyone compete and soon we had the audience participating and contributing. Narayan sang a beautiful duet with his lovely young daughter and we even had Vijay and Raju come up from the audience and croon us. Sharat brought the show to an end with a Raj Kapoor duet with Narayan, the evergreen “Mera Juta hai Japani”.

Snacks followed, with tea, coffee, idli sambaar and sweet muffins. What more do you want on a beautiful day like this?

March 2022 Update by Pravin Trivedi

Growing to be a senior gracefully is what the Humrahee group excels in. Under the keen care of Sharatbhai Amin the group met on Saturday 26th March at the new improved and renovated India Society We had not met during the pandemic and also followed by the renovation work at the center. The afternoon was busy with entertainment provided by our energetic young volunteers from IYG with music, songs and jokes. It was a mixture of modern Indian and current western songs and followed by some discussions between the audience and the youth.

As it gains popularity the group asked for suggestions to name themselves. Vigorous discussion followed and it will continue. One suggestion was “The Humrahee Wanderers”. To be continued.

The group was also asked to consider making a program of half hour to an hour that can be offered to local seniors on how the Indian youth is assimilating in and melding in the local culture. Are we Indians in the US mixed up or are we citizens of the world This will be considered in the next meeting. There are Senior Centers in Shrewsbury and Northborough that would love a morning or afternoon devoted to such an event. Humrahee members will continue this topic in their next agenda.

Of course no Humrahee meeting concludes without snacks or a meal. Sharatbhai provided tea and coffee to go with Samosa and Chick Pea chat to round off the event with the IYG volunteers serving the Humrahee members. I wonder if any of them were looking forward to the time when they would be a Humrahee!!!

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