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Happy and Kind

16 Mar 2021 12:20 PM | Anonymous

by Tharegha Manoharan

Good mental health,
Is equal to having immense wealth,
Because the happier we are,
The more we can shine like a star.

Happiness is not measured
In the number of treasures,
But the simple, full, feeling of satisfaction,
After achieving a difficult action.

Mental health should be treated,
Just like physical, when it’s needed.
There should be no excuse
For anyone to recluse.

The more we can help each other,
The more we can understand one another.
It’s important to reassure,
And make sure everyone feels secure.

In the South Asian community,
There is a lot of opportunity.
Everyone has come to the United States,
Dreaming of the experience that awaits.

No doubt that every, single person
Has worked very hard,
Praying their situation wouldn’t worsen
When giving their future generation a wild card.

Since mental health education,
Is not widely talked about in the Indian population,
The developed generation,
Needs to learn to grow communications,
And provide a foundation for unprepared situations.

As there are many expectations,
There should be an equal level of motivation.
Giving less importance to reputation,
And a freedom for imagination.

Mental health needs to be,
Talked about; in order to foresee,
The possible hindrance,
That might block off your brilliance.

Conversations should become common in families,
So that everyone can live their life without any negative mentalities.
Normalizing these conversations,
Will strengthen relations,
And bring happier generations.

As humans, we might
Fight for survival of the fittest.
And though this might seem right,
Happiness itself is the treasure, and it is the richest.

Asking for help is not weak,
Because it will make you stronger and unique.
Family will always support you,
Even if they seem rough from the other view.
After all, that’s what family is for,
To lead, guide, and more.

Our measure of success
Should be measured
By our happiness and kindness.
Not in our company’s progress
Or wealth in excess.

Anything can be discussed,
With the caring people around us.
Problems should not be faced alone,
Because people unknown
Will often come running
To help you become amazing.

Society is built on expectations,
But we should know our limitations,
And not try to fulfill others’ aspirations.
Although there may be fluctuations
In your determinations,
A good society will always aid.
And no matter how afraid,
Don’t feel outweighed,
That's why family and friends stayed.

Don’t let the pressure
Get hold of your pleasure.
If you need to talk,
Those who were with you since you first walked,
Will back you up,
They’ll help you strive, they'll hold you up.

So don’t worry,
Or run in a hurry,
Take time to enjoy the view,
If it’s truly what you want to pursue.

Don’t stress,
You can still achieve success,
As long as you are happy and kind,
You are perfect, defined.

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