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12 Apr 2021 6:14 PM | Anonymous

by Shubh Agrawal

SAYAA (South Asian Youth Activists and Allies!) joined the April 10th IYG meeting to host a fun and interactive "Kahoot!" trivia game about the interconnected histories of South Asian and Black people and their pursuits for justice! IYG members also invited their parents to join in on the game which only made the experience so much more fun. Through this experience families had a chance to learn about the shared histories we have in advocating and fighting for racial justice. IYG and SAYAA look forward to collaborating soon on these important conversations and educating ourselves on how we can be better advocates for racial justice and stand in solidarity with our peers in this work!

Try your hand below at some of our trivia questions to test your knowledge about our history!

1. Race has no biological basis. True or False?

2. What word was used to describe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when he was introduced to school children during his visit to India in 1959? a) Hero b) Black c) Freedom Fighter d) Untouchable

3. Bhagat Singh Thind was involved in the monument court ruling in 1929 that: a) Gave South Asians the right to vote, b) allowed South Asians to serve in the military c) Ruled Indians ineligible for U.S. citizenship, d) Barred South Asians from land ownership


1. True  2. 3. C

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