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Poetry by Bhavya Kamakolanu

26 Apr 2021 11:10 AM | Anonymous

By Bhavya Kamakolanu, 4th Grade, Millpond Middle School, Westborough
ISW Telugu Teacher: Madhavi Chaliki

అ , ఆ , ఇ , ఈ

అ , ఆ , ఇ , ఈ

గుండు మీద టోపీ

ఉ ,ఊ , ఋ ౠ

నీకు ఒక ఒట్టు

ఎ , ఏ , ఐ

చిన్న మామిడి కాయ్

ఒ, ఓ ఔ

పాలు తాగింది ఆవు

అం , అః

మళ్ళీ పాడుదామా ?

Growing up

The day I was created,
I was the size of a pea,
I drank from tiny bottles,
And slept with my mommy.

Then, I started to babble,
A type of funny talk,
My brother would make me laugh,
It sounded like a chick’s squawk.

Soon, I started walking,
I would go to pre-school,
I loved to learn the alphabet,
Which I thought was pretty cool.

Later, I started grades,
Like 1st, 2nd and 3rd,
I was very good at math and reading,
Bit it was science I preferred.

Soon , I went to middle school,
My mind had more to hold,
“Study makes your grades better”,
My teacher always told.

Then , I became a teen,
there’s a lot more to learn too,
To the youngsters whom are reading this,
One question , you have no clue!

Then, I went to college,
I learnt computer tricks,
I made all sorts of apps.
May be I’m the reason you have NetFlix!

And then, I got “Married”!
What a wonderful feeling it was!
But what I did not know was..
That the “would-be” a fuzz.

And soon I had children,
I promised to care them all the way.
But what did my husband do?
He slept on the couch all day!

I got a permanent job,
My husband worked home right here,
And of course what he would do?
He would drive me into tears!

Long after , I had to retire,
But my husband kept his job,
My children were helpful at chores,
But my husband stayed slob!!!

Soon , I got old,
Too old to keep living,
And that's how growing up was.
All the way from the beginning.

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