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ISW College Application Process Webinar

26 Apr 2021 11:25 AM | Anonymous

By Vandana Premkumar, ISW Youth Reporter

College application processes can be difficult and stressful but when you know the right way to go about it, it can get easier. Here are some tips you can take to write a good college application. First, some things to remember NOT to do - don’t write about the usuals. Take a moment to think and ask yourself “could someone have written an essay similar to this?” Don’t use too many adjectives as it might get tiring for the reader after a while. Finally, make it easy for the reader to understand what you're writing. Don’t make their job more difficult.

Some “red flags” they look for are people who are being dark and cynical. You should be open and go into some detail. You should use a little bit of humor but not too much. When using humor, be very careful because people might think of you in the wrong way. You should link the beginning to the end. Whatever you wrote in the beginning should match what you wrote in the end of your essay. You should also write about any weaknesses or failures you have experienced in life and how it made you the person you are today. This will help the reader get to know you a little better and what obstacles you overcame. These are just some tips you can use to write a good college application. You don’t have to use all of them but some of these tips will help you be less stressed when applying for colleges.

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