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Purpose of School…

16 Aug 2021 1:32 PM | Anonymous

A poem by Tharegha Manoharan

Let’s talk about tests,
Standardized tests.
Those tests teachers hand out,
That make students doubt,
Their entire life route.

Education is the purpose for school,
It’s supposed to give us the tools,
To go fight the wrong,
Out there, and strong.

We learn math, science,
English, and social science.
But most importantly,
We fail to realize,
The life lessons our kid applies.

Learning to say please and thank you,
And acknowledging all the views,
Growing up to right the wrong,
And making sure everyone feels belonged,
Is not taught with pencils and erasers,
But by making sure we are all dream chasers.

Grades. It depends on the day.
One day, you might get an A,
Maybe you were happy ‘cause your cold went away.
But another day, you could be upset,
And get a score that you regret.

But it doesn’t matter.
Who cares about your science grade,
If you are always afraid.
Who cares about your math scores,
If you grow up to be a citizen who ignores.
Who cares about your MCAS trends,
If you can’t be a good friend.

If you can recognize the wrong from the right,
And gather to knowledge to fight,
Trust me,
Then only is it right for your degree.

Some might say and long,
For grades, as they are the path to success,
Of course, they are not wrong,
But there are other ways to progress.
Knowledge and education,
Instead of solely requirements for graduation.

Assimilation and application,
For the real world,
Is more important,
Than the letters on your documentation.

We should study, study hard,
And never disregard,
But we should learn to laugh,
Even at our own witticisms.

So send your children to school,
Not for the grades, not for the trophies,
Not for the future salary, not for the low fees,
But for the apt fuel,
They need to face the cruel.

Students, when you study for your test,
Do it for the want of information possessed.
Don’t do it for the grade,
That you think will determine how you get paid.
Complete your everyday assignments,
For fine knowledge refinement.
Don’t do it for the score,
But because you want to explore.

Dear mom, dear dad,
We always want you to be proud and glad,
But we also want to be content,
And it doesn’t always come from our average percent.

So come and explore with me,
The things that guarantee,
My happiness for a thousand more years,
And I promise I will persevere and never fear.

I will do my best,
And make the world a better place,
I will listen to everyone suggest,
And work toward the betterment of the human race.

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