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Chai, Samosa aur Naye Purane Geet

20 Jun 2022 1:06 PM | Anonymous

Chai, Samosa aur Naye Purane Geet

By Sonam Ahuja

ISW does it again!

ISW Antakshri, a one-of-kind event, hosted by ISW brought to life a home-grown concept of connecting over music and steeped in Indian culture.

I had the chance to attend and participate in ISW’s Antakshri recently. A very well-thought and organized event with Prelims and Finals hosted separately on different days. In the era of inclusion and diversity, the event organizers were mindful to allow participation with a minimum of 1 member in a team.

I participated in the Prelims with another friend and my 5 year old daughter. It was truly family friendly and fun for the whole family event. Prelims were held with a combination of 3 teams competing for a place in finals. Prelims began with classic Antakshari round the one that is most loved during our road trips, on a train journey, in a dorm room, or in a college canteen when someone just says Baithe Baithe Kya Karen Karna Hai Kuch Kaam……

I was so amazed by the prelims that I decided to attend Antakshri Finals as an audience because my team could not make it to the finals. This time I attended the event with my parents who are visiting us after a long time. For my parents it was a chance to relive the magical music of Indian cinema going back 60 years in time.

Finals began with 5 teams equally competent and talented in their singing abilities and their love for Bollywood music. Finals Antakshari had rounds such as Prelude, Dhun and Remix, etc, which put contestants to the test. Every team performed extremely well and it was very hard to guess which team would win through those prop, buzzer and dhun rounds.

My parents and I had never got a chance to be part of a Live Antakshri before this one and it was truly an entertaining and fulfilling experience.

This event became memorable for us because of its amazingly knowledgeable hosts who not only had deep interest and love for Indian music but also made efforts to keep the audience engaged and involved throughout.

I hope and look forward to being part of such events hosted by ISW that promote our Indian cultural heritage!

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