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Middle School

2 Jul 2022 3:37 PM | Anonymous

Middle School

Shreya Mukkamala Nippani
Grade 6, Saint Bernadette School, Northborough

Today is my first day of middle school
I’m nervous and hope people think I’m cool
This is 6th grade not 5th
Memories of elementary school are just a myth
I’ve got to impress
And not be in distress
Everything matters from here on out
Otherwise, my chance of success will be a doubt
I walk into middle school thinking about these things
And all of a sudden, an idea pings
I realize that middle school isn’t about stress
That’s what will make life a mess
It’s about making new friends and learning to grow
By the end of the year there will be so much you know
Even though work gets harder
You will learn to push farther
New people and teachers you will meet
With new challenges that you’ll greet
Just remember that everything will be great
When you walk through the middle school gate

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