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14 Jul 2022 3:05 PM | Anonymous


by Shreya Mukkamala Nippani
Grade 6, Saint Bernadette School, Northborough

When the snow starts to fall
And the wind starts to call
That’s when you know that winter has come
And that it’s time to have some fun
The snow falls bit by bit
I hope my mittens still fit
In the snow, there is so much to do
Build a snowman or have a snowball fight too
Remember to put on a carrot nose
And take a little selfie pose
After that you can go sledding
And slide down the soft snow bedding
A little bit later, you go inside
And as you walk to the kitchen you find
A cup of warm hot chocolate with marshmallows
And accidentally get some on your nose
It’s been a long and fun day
And now you know the best way
To spend your snow day

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