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  • 21 Aug 2023 11:41 AM | Anonymous

    Hindi Manch's "Begani Shaadi Mein." Comedy Play

    Keefe Tech Auditorium, Framingham, MA on Sept 9 & 10  Saturday & Sunday. For tickets Range from $80 to $20

    Get ready to attend a full Indian Bollywood style shaadi filled with with fragrant paan, relatives' gyan, mehendi on your palm, and full-tu dhoom-dhaam!

  • 14 Aug 2023 1:41 PM | Anonymous

    स्वतंत्रता दिवस

    नयनों में संजो कर एक सपना
    किया तन मन धन बलिदान,
    जुनून था इस धरती पे बनें
    भारत स्वतंत्र देश महान।

    वर्षों से गुलामी की बेड़ी में
    अपनी भारत माँ जकड़ी थीं ,
    दी लहू की आहुति वीरों  नें
    ऐसी ज्वालाएँ भड़की थीं

    कुर्बानीं उनकी रंग लाई
    शुभ आजादी की घड़ी आई ,
    जयघोष से गूँज उठा अंबर
    रोमॉच से ऑखें भर आईं

    संघर्ष था जारी बरसों से
    अबविजयने ली है अँगड़ाई,
    अंबर पे तिरंगा लहराया
    मन में खुशियों की बहार आई।

    अपनी धरती अपना ये गगन
    उन्मुक्त हो गया अपना चमन,
    हम प्रेम के बीज को बोएँगे
    महकेंगे घर महकेगी पवन।

    आओ हम उन वीरों के
    सपनों को अब साकार करें,
    उन्नत ललाट रहे भारत का
    दुनियाँ में सदा उपकार करें।

    हम ना भूलें उनकी निष्ठा
    गुणगान करें उनका जी भर,
    अब हम सब का दायित्व यही
    कर्तव्य निभाएँ हम डट कर।

    संदेश यही है जन जन को
    आग्रह है हर एक बच्चे से,
    राष्ट्र प्रेम के रंग से सदा
    रंगें अपना तन मन अच्छे से।

    इसके गौरव पे ना आँच आए
    डाले ना कोई भी बुरी नजर,
    अब बागडोर अपने हाथों
    रखवाली करेंगे  जीवन भर।

    आज देश स्वतंत्र हुए इतनी अवधि बीत गई है
    देश की प्रगति होती रही है , सुविधाएँ बढ़ गई हैं , विश्व में भारत का स्थान विशिष्ट होता जा रहा है
    कुछ ऊँच नीच चलती रहती है
    प्रभु से विनती है हमारी

    काश हमारी मातृभूमि से
    दु: का ,छल का पाप कटे,
    पुण्य का पनपे बीज यहाँ
    खुशहाली की फ़सल कटे।

    भारत माता की जय!
    वंदे मातरम !

    Independence Day

    By Asha Singh

    Our eyes longed for this dream,
    For which we sacrificed body, mind and wealth.
    For our yearning was to build on this earth
    A great independent India.

    Shackled in slavery for years,
    Our Mother India was mired.
    Our heroes sacrificed their blood,
    To ignite these flames.

    Their sacrifices bore fruit and
    Fortunately, the hour of freedom arrived.
    The sky resonated with the cheers,
    Emotions filled our eyes with tears.

    The struggle was ongoing for years
    Now Victory has taken over.
    The tricolor waves in the sky
    The mind is filled with happiness.

    Our land, our sky
    Our garden is now freed.
    Where we will sow the seeds of love,
    That will fill our home, our air with fragrance.

    Come let us make the dreams
    Of those heroes come true.
    May India’s head be held high,
    Always doing good in the world.

    Let us not forget their devotion,
    Let us praise them with all our heart.
    Now it is our responsibility,
    To do our duty unhesitatingly.

    This is the message to the people,
    This is the request of every child,
    Imbue your mind and body well,
    With the colors of patriotism.

    Its prestige should not be affected,
    Do not cast an evil eye.
    Now the reins are in your hands,
    To look after for the rest of your life.

    Since the time of the nation’s independence,
    So much time has passed.
    The nation’s progress continues, amenities have increased.
    India’s stature on the world’s stage is increasing.
    Yet as inequalities continue,
    This is our request of the Lord,

    If only from our Motherland,
    We can remove the sins of deceit and sorrow,
    That the seeds of virtue flourish here,
    And we can reap a harvest of happiness.

    Long live Mother India
    Vande Mataram
  • 31 Jul 2023 5:48 PM | Anonymous

    by Juhie Jain

    The field of genetics has experienced remarkable advancements with the emergence of gene editing and CRISPR technology, allowing scientists to manipulate and study DNA with unprecedented precision. While these techniques hold the potential to deepen our understanding of gene function and correct harmful mutations, their ethical use is crucial. This essay dives into the incredible ways gene editing technology touches our lives, bringing hope for better human biology and disease treatment, while also recognizing the crucial need for tight reins to safeguard against any misuse.

    CRISPR technology has revolutionized our understanding of human biology by enabling scientists to perform long-term studies on gene functionality. CRISPR is a revolutionary gene-editing tool that allows scientists to modify specific genes within an organism's DNA. It operates with the assistance of the Cas9 enzyme, which acts like a pair of molecular scissors, cutting the DNA at precise locations determined by the guiding RNA sequence, enabling targeted modifications to be made to the genetic code. Scientists highlight that this method allows for permanent alteration of cellular DNA, leading to deeper insights into gene functions and biological processes. The application of CRISPR with the Cas9 gene has been particularly significant, as it enables the analysis of protein functions within T lymphocytes, which was previously challenging. Furthermore, gene editing technology has accelerated the field of evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo) by allowing cross-species comparisons of gene functions. These breakthroughs show the potential of gene editing to advance our knowledge of human biology and disease mechanisms.

    CRISPR technology offers new possibilities in treating previously untreatable diseases by correcting harmful mutations. Rabaan et al. suggest that CRISPR/Cas9 can target and edit genetic mutations responsible for cancer development. By replacing damaged alleles with healthy ones, gene editing can potentially override harmful mutations that cause diseases like cancer. Moreover, genome engineering technologies, including gene editing, allow the correction of underlying mutations, thus revolutionizing gene therapy strategies. The capability to replace mutated genes represents a significant advancement in treating genetic disorders.

    Although gene editing holds great promise, its potential for misuse raises significant ethical concerns. Cases like Jiankui He's experiment in China, which made headlines and sparked global debates in the scientific community when he claimed to have conducted the world's first gene-edited babies using CRISPR technology in secret, demonstrate that strict regulations are necessary. Wang and Yang criticize He's actions as a gross violation of both Chinese regulations and the international science community's consensus. He conducted his experiments in secret, disregarding regulations and the potential risks involved. The use of gene editing to create genetically modified organisms or designer humans, as seen in He's case, lacks substantial benefits and poses serious ethical risks. CRISPR poses ethical risks due to its potential to alter the human germline, allowing heritable changes to be passed down to future generations, raising concerns about unintended consequences and unforeseen long-term effects. Additionally, the accessibility and affordability of CRISPR technology raises questions about the potential for misuse or unethical applications, such as designer babies and genetic discrimination. It highlights the need for stringent regulations to ensure responsible and ethical use of gene editing technology.

    Gene editing and CRISPR technology have the potential to transform human biology and revolutionize disease treatment. The precision of these techniques allows for a deeper understanding of gene functions and the correction of harmful mutations. However, the ethical implications of misuse, such as creating genetically modified organisms or designer babies, must be addressed. Collaboration between policymakers, scientists, and the public is essential to establish strict regulations to govern the responsible and ethical application of gene editing technology. By doing so, we can ensure that these powerful tools are used for the betterment of society, benefiting humanity without compromising ethical principles.

  • 29 Jul 2023 10:28 AM | Anonymous

    Stride for Sanitation: Empowering India’s Communities One Step at a Time

    Hello everyone, my name is Ayan Mishra. I am 12 years old. I go to Saint John’s High school and live in Shrewsbury with my mom, dad and dog. Today, I will be talking about the 5k for Sewa event. The ‘5k for Sewa’ was a 5k walk/run that I organized with the help of senior Sewa volunteers of the Boston chapter to help raise funds that would be used to build toilets for underprivileged kids in the rural parts of India.

    When I went to India in the winter, my mom went to some government schools to help with Sewa International’s SHE (Sanitation, Hygiene and Empowerment of the Girl Child) program. I was curious to see what a government school looked like in India, and to my surprise it was very different from the ones we have here in America. When I saw the condition of the toilets, I was a little disappointed since some of them were not functioning. I heard my mom talking with some girls, and how they were dropping out of schools because of the same reason. Somehow, I was concerned about the fact that a basic amenity like education was not accessible to some of these kids because of the poor quality of toilets and I wanted to do something about it.

    I was brainstorming ideas on how to help and raise funds, and I got the perfect idea, a 5k run! I told my parents about my idea and they told me I should plan and present it to the Sewa weekly call. I mapped out a path on Assabet River Trail, created a simple slide show about my idea and presented it to all the Sewa volunteers during the weekly call. All of them motivated me to go ahead with the idea and approved it!

    I was super excited, and started with designing the flyer for the event, so that we could promote it on all social media channels. Once the flyer was approved, along with my dad and Sanjiv uncle, we went to the trail, nearby gyms and shops, to stick the flyer on the notice boards. We also heard of a festival called “Hudson Fest” going on, so we handed out flyers to people walking by.

    During the call, we also had decided on giving out t-shirts to the first 100 signups, that I designed and ordered through the vendor that Sewa usually works with. I had a lot of help from Rohini aunty, Pramod uncle, Harish uncle, and many more volunteers who reached out to their friends to help drive registrations. Geetu aunty, helped us find a sponsor for our event, along with Akash uncle who got a sponsor for the event through his company. We also had some help from HSS volunteers on the day of the event. Overall, we made a lot of progress, and almost had 84 registrations on the day of the event!

    On the day of the 5k, we set up a registration table, 3 water stations, a table for check in’s where we gave out the t-shirts and a beautiful balloon arch that Kajal aunty helped me with. We had our sponsors inaugurate the event, and Pramod ji start the walk/run by blowing the conch (shank).

    We had 80 registrations in the morning and we got about 20 walk-ins, which helped us reach our registration goal of more than 100 registrations! We were able to raise close to $4000 that will help us build close to 6 toilet units, helping more than 1000 kids in India! I am very thankful to the entire Sewa Boston team for giving me the opportunity to execute my idea, and helping and guiding me throughout the process. I cannot wait for our ‘5K for Sewa’ event next year now!!

  • 17 Jul 2023 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    नन्हा पौधा वटवृ़क्ष बना

    बरसों पहले इस धरती पर
    एक नन्हा कोमल पौधा उगा,
    कुछ लोगों ने प्यार से सींचा उसे
    वो बढ़ने लगा, बढ़ता ही गया।

    फिर तो उस पे कलियाँ भी खिलीं
    खिल के वो खूब महकने लगीं,
    उसकी सुगंध थी मनभावन
    महकी उससे फिर गली गली।

    समय बढ़ा और संग संग
    नन्हा पौधा अब वृक्ष बना
    अब आने लगे हैं फल उस पर
    मजबूत हुआ है उसका तना।

    आई.एस.डब्ल्यू.ही नन्हा पौधा
    भारतीयता की पहचान यही,
    हर उम्र के बच्चे आते हैं
    है मेल मिलाप की जान यही।

    उमंग उत्साह के मेले लगते
    रंगारंग कार्यक्रम होते यहाँ,
    हर त्यौहार मनाते मिल जुल कर
    प्रतियोगिता होती प्राय: यहाँ।

    कई भाषा की शिक्षा मिलती,
    साहित्य , कला , संगीत भी है,
    संस्कार सिखाए जाते हैं
    अधरों पे मचलता गीत भी है।

    है भव्य इमारत अब इसकी
    बड़े प्यार से इसको सजाते हम,
    सहयोग की भावना पनपती है
    संगी साथी बन जाते हम।

    नन्हा पौधा वटवृक्ष है अब
    शीतल है इसकी घनी छाया,
    हर किसी का स्वागत दिल से है
    हम सबका है ये मन भाया।

    शुभ कामना दिल से हमारी है
    यश कीर्ति बढ़े इसकी हर दिन
    इसके गौरव पे ना आँच आए
    सम्मान मिले हर पल हर छिन।
                          आशा सिंह          

    From Sapling to a Banyan Tree

    Many years ago, in this place
    A tender young plant grew.
    Some people showered it with love
    And it began to grow and grow

    Later buds began to bloom
    Their blooms filled with fragrance
    Its fragrance was very pleasing
    Filling every street and corner

    As time goes by
    The sapling has grown into a tree.
    Now the tree begins to bear fruit
    And its trunk has become stronger.

    I. S. W. was this young sapling
    Representing India over here,
    Children of all ages visit.
    Known for its social gatherings.

    Enthusiastic gatherings happen here
    Colorful events happen too.
    We meet to celebrate all types of festivals
    As well as contests and competitons

    Lessons are taught in many languages,
    Literature, arts and music too,
    Culture is taught here
    And music lingers on students’ lips.

    Now we have an expanded building
    We decorate it with love
    Helping foster a spirit of cooperation
    Becoming fellow companions in service.

    Its spreading shade is cool
    All are heartily welcome here.
    It is liked and loved by all.

    Our heartfelt good wishes
    May its renown and fame increase
    May its prestige never dim
    May it gain respect every minute, every moment.

                       Asha Singh

  • 17 Jul 2023 8:52 AM | Anonymous

    ISW India Day - by ChatGPT
    Prompted by Rajesh Khare

    In Worcester's embrace, where cultures unite,
    The India Society of Worcester shines so bright.
    A beacon of heritage, traditions held dear,
    We gather today, India Day is here!

    Together we stand, hand in hand,
    Embracing our heritage, a united band,
    ISW India Day, a moment to cherish,
    A reminder of our roots that never perish.

    From the ancient wisdom of the Vedas past,
    To the modern strides that continue to last,
    ISW's India Day, a tapestry of history,
    Enlightening hearts, igniting a shared story.

    With vibrant dances and graceful art,
    We paint the canvas, a masterpiece from the heart.
    The beats of dhol and melodies that sway,
    ISW's India Day, a tribute to creativity's display.

    We cherish the bonds that we've nurtured,
    The friendships forged, our spirits empowered,
    ISW's India Day, a testament to unity,
    Embracing diversity in this vast community.

    From the spicy aromas that tantalize,
    To the flavors that awaken taste buds' surprise,
    Food unites us, a feast for the senses,
    ISW's India Day, culinary delights commence.

    Through laughter and conversations, we share,
    Stories and memories, filling the air.
    ISW's India Day, a cherished bond,
    A community connected, forever fond.

    So let us rejoice, raise our voices high,
    As we celebrate ISW's India Day with joy in our eyes.
    In Worcester's embrace, we proudly say,
    Long live ISW, Happy India Day!

  • 11 Jul 2023 10:43 PM | Anonymous
    Spirit of Shrewsbury Sept 23, 2023

    Free Admission

    Oak Middle School 10-3 pm

  • 11 Jul 2023 6:01 PM | Anonymous

    --by Sridevi Thirumalai

    Joint production by  Guru Tara of Anubhava School of Music and Dancers are from Natyamani , all talented young artists of Massachusetts.  Come and support the next generation of torch bearers of our classical arts. Details at

  • 8 Jun 2023 5:25 PM | Anonymous

    ‘Baal Yuva Manch’ on Saturday, June 17th from 12-3 PM EST

    Hindi Manch is proud to announce it’s next event ‘Baal Yuva Manch’ on Saturday, June 17th from 12-3 PM EST at Newton South High School.

    One of the key objectives of Hindi Manch is to keep the next generation connected with and educated about our language and culture. Hundreds of kids and teenagers will be performing (theater, songs, acts, poetry) in the Hindi language in this event.

    For more information and tickets please visit

  • 20 May 2023 10:00 AM | Anonymous

    Natya Darpan : Multi-lingual Short Play Festival

    Jilebee arts Inc and Indian Heritage and Cultural Association-NJ

    proudly present a multi-lingual short play festival, "Natya Darpan -Boston" for theater connoisseurs in and around Boston. All plays will be presented with English super-titles.

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