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ISW School's Annual Day May 22, 2021

22 Apr 2021 10:13 AM | Anonymous

On May 22, we held the ISW School's Annual Day program at INDIA CENTER.

The event was held on the patio and their attendance certificates were presented by the teachers.  The attendees  wore masks and followed social distancing.   Almost 95 students  came with their parents in three shifts, per their classes, as listed below . 

1.00 to 1.45 pm Tamil, Telugu, Hindi K1 Beg, Hindi 4

2.00 to 2.45 pm Gujarati, Hindi K2, Hindi 2 Beg and Adv, Hindi 3,  Hindi Adult, Hindi ++ Beg

3.00 to3.45 pm Marathi, Hindi K1 Adv, ,Hindi 1, Hindi ++Adv

 Many donated toiletry items to support  Nalini Goyal, one of  the founders of the school for ‘Gifts of Hope’.  In all we also collected $130 in donations also for it.

 We presented graduation certificates to  our 5 Hindi School graduates, Tanvi Gahlot,  Leisha Gupta, Prachet Mahawar, Priyanshu Sahu, and Diya Sadhu.  They had prepared appreciation speeches for Sonia entirely in Hindi.

We also want to give a big shout to Carolyn Passey for preparing the certificate of attendance for each and every one of our 140 students.  "Thank you Carolyn", and the calligraphy tags made by Suchitra and cupcakes by Priya Vaidya

As the year draws to a close , we specially want to thank our 4 student teachers, Mansi Gera  (taught Hindi for 2 years) Krishnaa Amin (taught Gujarati for 5 years) Menaja Raja (taught Tamil for 5 years) and Aanya Sachdeva (taught Hindi for 2 years) .   All the best to Mansi, Krishnaa, and Menaja who are off to college.

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