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You will never believe how ISW School was started in 1992

19 Dec 2021 2:54 PM | Anonymous

ISW School celebrates 30 years next year!!

In 2017, Neena Mohanka made this video (30 mins)  to celebrate the 25th year. Thanks to her persistence and work with Shrewsbury Media Connection, we have this amazing visual story forever


As one of the oldest Indian Languages program in New England, ISW Cultural and Language School was started by Carolyn Passey , Nalini Goyal & Pushpa Joshi in 1992

We stand on the shoulders of our veteran volunteers Usha Verma, Priti Dayal, Nisha Bawa, Sushmita Bando, Ragini Seth, Alka Yadav-Mehta, Neena Mohanka and many more

We are fortunate to have such dedicated volunteers.  The school has grown to 140 students , 5 languages  and a staff of 40+ teachers.

Hope to have a get together in 2022 send email to school@iswonline.org if interested.

Ruchi & Shiamin

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