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Mar 12: New Saraswati painting at ISW School

28 Feb 2023 9:47 AM | Anonymous

New Saraswati painting at ISW School

Update:  Saraswati Puja was attended by the school kids, parents and teachers on March 12.  Anju Shukla guided the kids through the puja rituals with thali's prepared by Carolyn and Beena.  The new painting was tastefully displayed, and adorned with flowers.  Prasad prepared by the parents was handed out with special Saraswati statue brought from India by Carolyn and Sahdev Passey every year for the school kids

For Video and pictures

Many years ago when the ISW school was established, Carolyn, Pushpaji and Ushaji started the tradition of honouring the Goddess of Education, Saraswatiji as part of the school curriculum. A large portrait of her was lovingly painted plus zari and fabric was incorporated Over the years it was restored by Dr Passey and used annually. Some time back we were gifted a beautiful large sized framed picture of Saraswatiji by the Arora family which was incorporated into the celebrations.

The tradition of Saraswati puja continued online during Covid lockdown and in 2022 we were fortunate to be back in our beautiful India Center. This year we are very fortunate to have Divya Gahlot present us with a gorgeous hand painted portrait of Saraswati Maa. It took her 68 hours over 19 days to complete the creation of the 20x30 painting starting in November 2022.

We invite all to attend Saraswati puja on March 12, 2023 and come and celebrate, plus see our forever gift.

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