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ISW Cultural and Language School May 10, 2020

9 May 2020 12:12 PM | Anonymous


Hope you are all doing well, Happy Mother's Day to all  

School News:  We are coming to the end of the academic year, and thank you to the teachers and parents who have supported the new online format.    Most of the classes have the end of year exams this weekend, so all the best to the kids.  Next weekend we will have the last day of school. 

After ISW school ends May 17 Sunday, we are offering FREE online classes almost everyday at 4 pm.  If you need more info on ISW Masti please reach to Ruchi Chauhan at yvansh29@gmail.com or reach out to me (And if you reach to me , I will say, reach out to Ruchi, she is doing a awesome job!!).

Starting July, 2020 we will offer 6 more weeks of ISW Masti  which will be Summer Camp type classes, details to be determined  Math Tutoring, Public Speaking, Hindi Conversation etc  Any input or ideas or volunteer offers, do reach out to Ruchi & myself

For September 2020, we will start taking registrations shortly The actual start date depends on the Shrewsbury School Calendar and our building completion schedule.

Once again, thank you and Happy Mother's day

Beena, Neena, Ruchi  Sonia & Shiamin

(Welcome to Sonia to the ISW school committee)

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