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Looking for Homework Help? ISW Tutoring

30 Nov 2020 3:30 PM | Anonymous

Looking for Homework Help?

ISW Tutoring Match Program getting ready for  4th round of matching

----Mansi Gera, Krishnaa Amin, Shubh Agrawal, Ruchi Chauhan & Shiamin Melville

ISW Cultural and Language School launched the new online Students & Tutor match program in August 2020, to help parents with arranging one on one online tutoring for the kids with help from IYG members.  The topics are Math, Physics, Science, English, Spanish Language and Life skills like Time Management.  The tutors accumulate volunteer hours and our hassled parents get the support they need from ISW. 

In the last month we have matched 32 tutors with pupils and have received incredibly positive feedback.  Our tutors have given us 160 hour of volunteer hours.

If you have a student who is interested in  being a volunteer teacher or if you have a child and are looking for help with your child’s online homework, please send an email to

Feedback from Parents/Kids:

"So often in life things that you regard as an impediment turn out to be great good things." – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

As we write our thoughts on how valuable and timely the student volunteers and the tutoring program has been, we are reminded of the quote from Ruth Ginsburg. When we enrolled our twin daughters Aadhya & Naavya who are in 1st grade for the language class, it was our first-time being part of the ISW community. We happened to see the tutoring by the high school students and decided to give it a try especially since our kids were planning to do remote schooling. Having 1-on-1 interaction with a teacher is so limited in the online program, we thought that the tutoring would augment this more since the tutors come with their experience of being in the school system here and help us navigate the curriculum more easily.

It is commendable how ISW came up with this program and encouraged high school students to participate and share their time with the community. We are truly amazed by the knowledge, effort and dedication of the assigned tutors, Lara Mukundan and Aditya Jhalavat. Each week, both Lara and Aditya would come prepared with lesson plans and help Aadhya and Naavya learn new concepts. They even challenge them to come out of their comfort zone and try concepts that are not yet taught in the school. We are so Thankful for the time they spend each week with the kids. It is not easy to keep 6 year olds engaged in a virtual session after a long day of school but our kids look forward to the classes. Lara and Aditya come up with creative ways using games and interactive ideas all the time and quickly change it to ensure they constantly keep the kids interested. We are so appreciative of you and ISW to have provided us with this opportunity. Also, grateful to Lara and Aditya for having contributed towards the growth and learning of both Aadhya and Naavya. Kudos to their parents to have supported them as well.

Reema & Avinash

Ria: This is for Rihddi, my Spanish teacher. She is truly the best. I love sitting in meetings with her and she was really helpful with teaching me Spanish. I'm very grateful I had her as my Spanish teacher. Sometimes even if we were playing hangman in Spanish she made it awesome if anybody else was teaching i will still be learning how to say 1 in Spanish.

Arush: "My tutoring teacher is awesome. When class starts, we always do something fun like Kahoots. Most of the time we do fun Kahoots like grammar and other topics related to Language arts. My tutoring teacher decides what topic I should do if I am doing an essay and when I am done or when I am still working on it, she edits my writing to make it more flexible, smooth, and making sense. Every class I tell my tutoring teacher what in Language arts I am struggling with, say I am struggling with grammar, with all of the time we have, I feel I am strong with grammar."

Dhruv: "I really like the way she teaches me. Before we start the class, she always asks what I would like to learn for the day, meaning she is very flexible with what she is teaching and I am glad that I am learning so much from her. I am definitely improving in my subjects!  She not only teaches me with explaining, she gives me examples in real life of what we are learning, making it easier for me to understand the topic".  

Smrithi has been coaching Dhruv and its going well. Dhruv looks forward to meeting Smrithi.Thank you for reaching out!

This program has been great during this strange school year. For my kids I had requested assistance with math. Both Maya and Arvind have been really good with communicating their availability, planning the sessions and conducting the sessions. Thank you for making this happen!

I thought the tutor program is a great idea. The content varies from class to class instead of having some continuity. Yash seems to be enjoying the classes

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