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Rent India Center


India Center Faqs

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The India Center complex is conveniently located at the intersection of I-290 and W Main Street (152 West Main Street) in Shrewsbury. Our campus is comprised of three buildings that can accommodate a variety of events and has ample parking space available. Let India Center help you create everlasting memories! India Center is frequently used for:

Corporate Meetings
Graduation Celebrations / Parties
Christmas Parties
Bridal and Baby Showers
Small Wedding

Our Main Building features:

  • 1 Large Hall with an adjoining kitchen (accommodates 100 to 114 people for sit down dinner) 
  • (90 People due to COVID Restrictions)
  • 6 small rooms (each room accommodates 12-16 people)
  • Calendar for India Center Availability - Coming Soon!!!!

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Rent India Center

India Center is perfect venue for your next event. Let India Center help you Create Everlasting Memories. Perfect for one time events or regularly scheduled weekly/monthly meetings.

To rent an India Center building, fill out the Rental Application form and mail it to the address shown on the form. Certain rules and regulations apply.

Fill this Form to request the rental - Click Here

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

India Center Availability Calendar - send email to

Cancellation Policy:  You may cancel the India Center reservation, 14 days prior to your reservation days free of cost.  If it is cancelled within 14 days of reservation, your deposit will be forfeited.

For questions or inquiries, please contact Rent India Center number at  (508) 841-5115 or email -

Planning an Event

Our party hall is the ideal place for you next occasion. Host your next party, dance party, banquet event, business meeting event, fundraiser, bridal shower party, wedding, baby shower and more!

Corporate Meetings
Graduation Celebrations / Parties
Christmas Parties
Bridal and Baby Showers
Small Weddings

Our Center recently went through a major expansion. As we start to reopen with COVID -restrictions we have updated our rates and rental policy. Please see below our new rates.  Please send an email to for all inquiries.

You can make payments for rental online at this link -

(Payments should me made only after confirming with the rental team.


If you require long term rental of main-hall or classrooms please reach out to us at

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India Center FAQs

1.    How do I reserve the hall and when is the payment due ?

The hall will be reserved in your name only after we receive your application form along with the security deposit check. This can be done as soon as you make the decision of renting the center. You can also temporarily reserve the hall with a phone call. If we get another renter for the same date we will ask you to confirm the date within 48 hrs. or you will lose that date.

The other half of the rental payment and the deposit check is due before the event.

2.    What happens to my deposit check ?

Your deposit check is held with ISW representative. After the inspection of the center at the end of the event, it is “VOIDED” and mailed back to you.

3.    What is the deposit check for ?

The deposit check is for any damage to the furniture and for cleaning charges if the place is not left in a clean condition. The replacement cost for the tables are $100.00 each, the red/black chairs are $50 each and the folding chairs are $30.00 each. 

4.    Can I get any discount on the rent ?

We do offer discounts to ISW member(s) and ISW Life member(s) for one rental per year. You can become a member online by clicking here or click here to download a form and send it back to the address in the bottom of the form to become ISW member(s).

5.    Can I use the Music system ?

The music system available to the renters for an extra charge.  You can, however, bring your own system.

6.    Can we use the Kitchen and What is available in the kitchen ?

Yes you can use the kitchen to warm or cool food but not to cook a meal. It has a microwave, a refrigerator and a small oven.

7.    Can I bring in food from outside? Can I bring Non-veg items ?

Any type of food from any vender is allowed in the center. At renters’ request, we could suggest some caterers who have served ISW in the past.

8.     Can I serve alcohol ?

You are allowed to serve alcohol in moderation. Please make sure your guests are able to drive after the party. It is your responsibility to ensure that guests drink in moderation and that there are designated drivers who don’t drink and drive.

9.    At the end of the event, how should we leave the hall ?

We ask you to leave the hall as clean as you receive it. ISW will deduct cleaning charges should the hall require cleaning. The kitchen should be left without anything on the counters. The floor should be left in decent condition. If you spill something, Please clean it. Bathroom should be left in usable condition. Please clean any of the toilet paper and such from the floors. The garbage bags should be securely tied and thrown away in the dumpster in the back of the building. Please do not leave any trash around the dumpster since it attracts the wild animals. Please put away the furniture as follows. Please put all the red chairs against the walls all around the room in single row. All the round tables should be stacked on the right side of the hall (next to the main entrance) in three stacks not more than 5 tables in each stack. The rectangle tables should be stacked under the kitchen window. All the tables’ white side should be facing out. The folding chairs can be neatly stacked on the left side of the main entrance.

10.    Does ISW provide any table cloths or center pieces for the tables ?

The renters are responsible for all the table cloths for round and rectangle tables. The rectangle tables are 3.5’x 7.5’ (table cloth 54” x 108” will fit perfectly) and Round tables are 58” in diameter (table cloth 84” in diameter will fit).

11.    How much furniture does India Center have ?

We have 12 round table, 8 rectangle tables, 60 Red cushioned chairs and 60 folding chairs.

12.    Do I need to bring bathroom supplies ?

NO. We provide you all the toilet paper and paper towels. There is a changing table in the ladies rest room too.

13.    Does ISW provide any Paper products ?

NO. We ask you to bring all your paper products. We give you a roll of paper towel for the kitchen. If you think you might need more, please bring with you. We also try to give you 6 large trash bags, but if you think you might need extra, please bring with you. It is also a good idea to bring some ziplock bags to take left over food home.

14.    Does the hall have air conditioning ?

Yes, the hall has A/C. There are 3 thermostats in the big hall and one outside in the foyer. 

Please consider this as your own community center.  Please help us maintain it as you would your own home.

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Direction/Map to ISW

The India Society of Worcester is located near Main Street, Shrewsbury It is easily accessible by Car or by T Station

Address:- 152 Main Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545.

Phone/Fax:- (508) 841-5115

Email Address:-

Visiting Hours

Sun 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Tue 5:45 PM - 7:15 PM
Wed 7:15 PM - 8:15 PM
Sat 5:45 PM - 7:15 PM


The Center has ample parking space abutting the building. Street parking is also available around the Center.

Area Maps

Coming on I-290 from Worcester side:

Take exit 22 on I-290. Go towards Shrewsbury take right at the ramp on East bound exit. India Center is immediately on your right. (Scroll down for interactive map)

Coming on I-290 from Northborough side:

Take exit 22 on I-290. Go towards Shrewsbury take left at the ramp on West bound exit. India Center is immediately on your right.

ISW Gallery

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