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ISW College Connect: Summary: Financial planning and College Advisors.

17 Apr 2021 8:34 PM | Anonymous

May 22, 2021Saturday: 11.00 am  Financial planning and College Advisors.

Kanan Sachdeva, MBA, CFP®️, ChFC®️, Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual and Patrick Herndon,  Certified College Advisor were the panelists.  Our moderators were Mayank Jaiswal /Ramendra Chauhan

Recording on ISW Youtube link

April 17, 2021 Summary

College application process: College Essays: Crafting a great college application.   

Ms.Susan Goodkin, a graduate of Harvard University, Harvard Law School, and Oxford University, spoke about crafting/creating a great college application. For the college essay, it was key to have a captivating opening sentence plus she cautioned against using humor or dark cynical views.  The college counsellor has two minutes to read an essay that the applicant has spent countless hours on, so it is important to be upbeat, and perhaps share what one has learnt from a struggle or a hobby.  

For the second half, Dhriti Aiylam, Junior at Northeastern University, Aditya Hoque, Junior at  Brown University and Aditya Khanna, Sophomore/Junior at Rochester Institute of Technology shared their personal experiences. In order to view their insights, click here. Session was moderated by Mayank and Shiamin.

From Tanvi, one of the attendees:  I thought the personal statement examples that the students as well as Ms. Goodkin gave were really unique and informative. Furthermore, the tips the students gave, to research the college was really helpful. Dhriti’s idea about the specific structure and planning a few sentences about the personal statement and then giving it some time, and also reviewing it with  an outsider was really great and helpful.  

MARCH 20, 2021  summary

Summary: College Application Process: 'Let's talk ! Keeping the lines of communications open'

---Dr. Mayank Jaiswal and Poonam Hingorany.

Please send any questions to collegeconnect@iswonline.org

We had more than 20 attend the webinar on March 20 as part of ISW's initiative on providing information and support for  parents and students  whilst they navigate the college application process.  Led by Shubh Agrawal, School Counselor, Worcester Academy and IYG Advisor and Ramendra, Ruchi and Yash Chauhan , we delved into how to keep sane and keep family relationships on an even keel throughout the college application process, with emphasis on students in high school.  Shubh used the analogy that parent's role at this time is similar to their role when their teenager first learns to drive.  The student is in the driver's seat and the parent is there as a guide.

Thoughts shared by Yash Chauhan, Freshman at Northeastern University , Boston

Whether it be debating between taking the SAT or ACT or attempting to figure out the so called “formula” that admission’s departments use, the American college admissions process is already an overly complicated task. However, it is made far more difficult and strenuous when there is a lack of open communication between parent and student. This is especially true for individuals with parents who were brought up in India and as such, are not as familiar with the American application process. In such a situation, the student should realize that when their parents asks them questions about certain aspects of the application, it isn’t due to them attempting to criticize the student or micromanage them, but usually just because they are genuinely curious about the process. Conversely, parents too should understand that this is a process that is primarily incumbent on the student. Although parents should always provide guidance and encouragement, they should never just take over. The skills that students develop during the application process will serve them well in the future, but only if parents let go a little and allow them to go through this experience. Even though parents should not take over, keeping an open dialogue throughout the process such as discussing what the family can afford, allows for students and parents to get the most out of the process while mitigating future conflicts. Finally, it is important to keep in mind that what matters more than where you go college is what you do during your time there; so aim high, but remember that wherever you end up going, you still have the opportunity to accomplish great things.

College Stress Management_Shubh.pdf


Next sessions are as follows: 

June 12 2021 Donna Cox, Cox Tutoring Group "How to tackle Standardized Tests and College Interviews".  Moderators Hingorany/Shiamin

Future 2021: High school graduates discuss the process on how they made  their college/major selections.

Future 2021: Negotiation and comparison of college financial packages and fees between big-name colleges and in-state colleges and universities.

College Connect Team

Mayank Jaiswal, Facilitator & Professor at Rider College

Shubh Agrawal, Counselor, Worcester Academy

Poonam & Sanjay Hingorany, parents of undergrad and grad college students

Ramendra & Ruchi Chauhan, parents of middle school and college freshman children

Snehlata & Jagan Srinivasan, parents of middle school students & themselves college professors

Aaryan Bhatt, HS Senior from Harvard, MA.

Shiamin Melville

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