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ISW Symphony Art Competition

26 Apr 2021 9:15 PM | Anonymous

  We are happy to announce results of the Art Contest.

Red Group 4-5years

1st place  - Ashvika Agrawal  
2nd place - Shataneek Dasgupta
3rd place - Arjun Badenehal
Blue Group A 6-8 years
1st place - Aayushi Das Gupta
2nd place - Riana Sukhija
3rd place - Yashika Pal
Blue Group B 6-8 years
1st place - Soumili Dey
2nd place - Sathveega Karthik
3rd place - Prachi Nayak
Yellow Group A 9-12 years
1st place - Mishka Chellappa
2nd place - Ishita Agrawal
3rd place - Saanvi Basu
Yellow Group B 9-12 years

1st place - Tanvi Badenehal

2nd place - Sohan Hegde 

3rd place - Jagruti Mazumdar

Green Group 13-17 years
1st place - Esther Antony
2nd place - Smrithi Krishnaswamy
3rd place -  Tanushree Nekenti

Congratulations to all the winners!! 

ISW Symphony initiative is bringing to you an Art Contest for all ages. The platform is  to express all our local artists, artists from all over the country, their inner creativity, emotions through drawing, painting and artwork.

  In the effort of giving a platform to artists, Shviangi Das Gupta came up with an idea of Virtual Art Contest. 

   The concept and idea of this event was seeded by one of our brilliant and ingenious IYG (Indian Youth Group) members - Shivangi Dasgupta.  This young lady had worked hard on planning and chalking out the format of the contest, registration form, themes, and many other logistical aspects. 

The goal of raising some funds from this event for ISW was visioned by Shivangi and team. The goal was pretty much accomplished. 

   More than 60 artists participate in the contest.  The contest was held via live zoom sessions, when more than 15 IYG volunteers conducted these sessions while contestants were engaged in their creativity on the morning of Saturday April 24th. The contestants were  given themes to work on their art and they were working on their art work during this event on Saturday. 

  ISW is fortunate to have an amazing Judges’ Panel of Avni Chheda, Aradhita Sarkar, Sharmistha Bhattacharya Dutta, Rashmi Pitre, Dr. Java Joshi. (meet our Judges

  The winners will be recognized by certificates and rewards. The winners’ artwork will be published on our website for some period of time.

 Our Volunteers 

Shviangi Dasgupta - Initiator, Coordinator, Main Lead

Swara Gurao,  Prachet Mahawar, Atharv Deshpande, Arnav Sharma, Siddharth Deshmukh, Soumya Warty, Tanvi Gahlot, Pranav Manjrekar, Devishi Jain, Surabhi Dindore

Advisors: Anu Debaroy, Shiamin Melville, Sarita Deshpande

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