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Volunteer opportunities at ISW (summary)

9 Jul 2021 11:21 AM | Anonymous

- Tanvi Gahlot

My name is Tanvi Gahlot and I am one of the volunteers for ISW. I am going to be going into my sophomore year at WHS. Below I have listed some of the volunteer opportunities at ISW with a small description and links to forms. 

1. IYG - https://iswonline.org/page-18066 

The Indian Youth Group is a group of 7th-12th graders for the youth, run by the youth. We have meetings once every month and have many volunteer opportunities. Some of these include dance events, walks to raise awareness for issues, and many other fun events. I have been a part of  IYG since 7th grade and I have learned a lot and truly enjoyed the whole experience. 

If your child is interested please email iyg@iswonline.org for more information and to join. 

2. Tutoring- https://iswonline.org/page-18129 

ISW has a great program called "ISW University". Currently, over the summer we are running a 8 week long summer camp with subjects ranging from Math and English to Robotics and Coding. Additionally, there is a year long tutoring program where high schoolers can tutor younger kids in varies subjects. I am a tutor year long and am also volunteering for the summer camp, I’ve loved teaching kids a lot since the pandemic hit and this program started. 

If your child is interested please email iswuniversity@iswonline.org for more information and to join click here

3. eSandesh- https://iswonline.org/eSandesh-Newsletter 

Each month ISW publishes 2 newsletters. In this newsletter there is a "youth corner" which many high schoolers and middle schoolers volunteer for. I actually write for the eSandesh and do career profiles and interviews of people in different career fields. However, the eSandesh has a variety of topics, such as poems and articles. 

If your child is interested in writing for the eSandesh please contact newsletter@iswonline.orgrajmelville@gmail.com , ragoo_93@yahoo.com . 

4. Events- https://iswonline.org/page-18090?EventViewMode=1&EventListViewMode=2&SelectedDate=7/8/2021&CalendarViewType=0 

Each year ISW has many event would never be as fun without all the hardworking volunteers. Currently, the India Day Event is coming up and we need may volunteers.

India Day Event Information: https://iswonline.org/event-4380319?CalendarViewType=0&SelectedDate=6/8/2021 

If your child is interested in volunteering for the ISW India Day Event please fill out the following form: https://forms.gle/zR4ygHEuHzi51kKc7 

For questions about the India Day Event please contact president@iswonline.org 

I hope this helps! 

- Tanvi Gahlot

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