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Symphony - Art Festival 2022

25 Apr 2022 9:33 PM | Anonymous
A one-of-a-kind Arts Festival organized as ISW Symphony initiative at India Center was a Grand Success!  
ISW Symphony team would like to thank all our Artists who brought not just their beautiful artwork, creativity but also their amazing presentations and a deep thought involved in their artistry.
Sunanda Sahay - Madhubani Artwork
Susmita Bando - Paintings 
Mridula Satyamurthi - Clay Sculpting
Sara Lividini - Collage work
Bindiya Jain - Wooden Tray with mod podge
Suchitra Patil - Architectural designs and nature drawing
Tejal Doshi - Mandala Art 
Neha Ujlayan - Spring Tree Artwork
Sunita Ramnani - Folk dance
Dhruv / Arush /  Atharv - Fusion Music

Our Vendors -

Aditi Dinakar

Manisha Sinha 

Neeraj Gupta
Pushpa Joshi
Rashmi Deshpande
Swati Baldua
Bawarchi (Framingham)
 Special thanks Alankar Decorators for sponsoring decorations for the festival. 
Big thanks to all the attendees, presenters, and volunteers without whom this event would not have been a success!
Art Contest  - The Art Contest was greatly attended and appreciated  by attendees. All the contestants' art-work was admired by our spectators and judges. Heartiest congratulations to our winners
Kids (10 and under ) - Kite Decoration -
  1st  - Darshit 
  2nd - Anushka Karkhanis
  3rd - Niyati 
Kids (11-16 years) - Rangoli on canvas in acrylic painting - 
    1st - Karishma 
    2nd - Surabhi Dindore
    3rd - Sahiti Kundu
Adults (over 16) - Rangoli on canvas with sand art - 
   1st - Rampriya Sundaramoorthy
   2nd - Abhinaya Vikramasundaram
   3rd - Puja Rathi
Adults (over 16) -Clay sculpting -
  1st - Divya Kantem
ISW Symphony would like to thank all the volunteers who contributed to this event by working hard to make it happen and successful.
  Article written by one of our attendees on Art Festival – Sonam Ahuja
 Importance description
Art can be a freedom of expression for some, a way of bringing one's imagination to life, a way of making things fun, a way to make sense of this wide world and yet lighting am spark of curiosity for some others. Art is a language that knows no gender, no race, no color and only truly influences our sense of self.
About ISW event:
ISW’s much awaited art festival was held on a beautiful spring Saturday of April 23rd at ISW center, Shrewsbury. The event was one of a kind and was able to bring art in its purest, most authentic form together under one roof. The event provided a platform to various artists to demonstrate their many different forms of art. The event covered exhibitions of Madhubani art, Clay sculpting, Paintings, Collage work, Wooden tray art,
Architectural designs and Nature drawing, Mandala art etc to name a few. The event hosted a very well thought art contest that stimulated the minds of young artists and also provided avenues of artistic expression to adults.
This was me and my five year old daughter’s very first experience of attending an Art event at Indian Society of Worcester. We began participating in the event with the kite decoration art contest. It was such an indulging experience of celebrating Indian culture through art.
We then went on to create flowers with stencils for the Spring Art Tree. It
thrilled/encouraged my little one to have her art displayed on a tree for everyone to admire.
We were just in time to witness the amazing performance of Rajasthani folk dance on a very popular song Mhare Hiware me Jagi dhokdi. It reminded us of the beauty of the Indian culture and the many colors of India. It made us all groove to the tune and experience the joy of dancing by joining the very talented performers on stage. It was now time for us to cater to our growling stomachs with some mouth-watering Indian street food. From samosa-chat to mango lassi everything left us drooling for more.
The next art had the superpower to leave my very fidgety toddler still for a full 3 minutes, yes it was Caricature art followed by beautiful henna art.
Finally it was time to announce the award for much deserving winners of the art contest. The award ceremony that encouraged young budding artists to pursue their talents and nurture their inner imagination. It definitely did light a spark in the mind of my five year old child to learn to express herself through art.
Conclusion/Thank you note
It was an evening well-spent at ISW attending a very unique art festival. Thank you to the organizing team of ISW for co-ordinating and bringing together such talented artists under one roof and giving young artists the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents! We hope and look   forward to attending many such events in the future.

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