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ISW Symphony’s Dhol-Tasha group performs at the Natick Multicultural Day

28 Aug 2022 7:13 AM | Anonymous

Natick’s annual Multicultural Day celebrates the many cultures within the community through food, music, dance, and performances. Organized by the Natick Center Cultural District, this year’s event was the sixth annual Multicultural Day and ISW Symphony’s Dhol-Tasha group performed at the event as one of the invited participants.

Held in person after a couple of years online, the Common Street Spiritual Center in Natick Center hosted performances from diverse cultures including performances by the Natick India Group, traditional Irish dance, classical Chinese Dance and Story, Qi Gong exercise, Klemzer and Drum Nomad bands, and Natick Praying Indians. Symphony’s Dhol-Tasha performance was held outdoors on the adjacent Natick Commons.

The Dhol Tasha group performed a routine that featured five different styles of beats. In addition to traditional beats from Maharashtra, it also included a garba style beat from Gujarat and a bhangra style beat from Punjab. The audience on the Natick Commons was enthralled by the energetic beats. Kids, adults, and grandparents alike erupted in a spontaneous dance participation. Some enthusiastic audience members even played the “lejhim”, danced the “jhenda”, and played the “jhanj” alongside the drumbeat, creating a fabulous “Symphony”.

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