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Yajas Devaguptapu: Why You should try 3D Printing

23 Jan 2023 3:52 PM | Anonymous

by Yajas Devaguptapu

Many people ask me why they should do or learn 3D Printing. Right now, I will answer that question. The answer is engineering. For example, everybody might say that it is complicated to build something. Because building you have to follow a manual and then make it, but sometimes we always have some problem, like that the instructions don’t make sense or you are missing a piece. Missing a part can be a big problem because whatever you try to do will not work. After all, that piece might be the connecting piece between two other things. This is where 3D printing comes in handy. You don’t need a 3D printer because many libraries have 3D printers. The only thing you need is the measurements of the pieces that you want to connect.

The other easy thing is 3D printing because there are many different websites for making stuff in 3D, like Thinkercad and Solidworks. If you want to create it, but let's say you don’t want to make it from scratch, I have a solution for you. There are websites where you type up what you are looking for, then whatever you type up, there would be designs, and whatever  you like, then you could get the design and print it. One website like this is called Thingiverse.

I learned 3D printing in the India Center because they had a class on it, and I wanted to know how to 3D print because I thought it would be cool to learn. I had seen some of my friends build, and I was amazed. When I went to class, the teachers showed us the websites we could use to make our own, like the ones I told you about. They also showed us how the 3D printer  worked and the science of it by taking it apart. They also showed us how to get the printer ready. I loved it. And after the basic class I also took the advanced class and enjoyed it. I also got the opportunity to help India Center teachers and help others to learn 3D printing, which was great.

Most of the time, I use 3D printing. It is not only for making pieces that I need to make things. Also, it is pieces that I can use to decorate my room, like different design pieces. These are some of the reasons why you should try 3D printing.

Have fun with 3D printing!

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