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Art Festival - 2023

15 May 2023 1:50 PM | Anonymous

Art, a universal language that transcends borders, cultures, and time. 

ISW’s Art festival 2023, a Spring theme Art event that brought together artists from across Massachusetts to showcase their artworks and share their unique perspectives on art. 

The festival returned with varied art forms with exceptional craftsmanship, Live art demos by artists, Panel Discussion, Artisanal, Art Competitions and Folk dance performances. 

The festival provided an opportunity for artists to share their stories and inspiration with the audience. Many of them spoke about the personal experiences, their journeys and emotions that motivated their work, as well as the techniques and methods they used to create their art. Some even offered live demonstrations, giving visitors a firsthand look at how they created their pieces.

The wide range of art forms at the festival includes traditional Indian painting (Mithila Madhubani), three-dimensional sculpting in materials such as ceramic and metal, clay modeling, abstract painting, crochet, jewelry design, botanical art, wood carving, decoupage, and origami. Each form is unique, with its own techniques and materials, and offers a diverse range of creative expression.

One of the most captivating demonstrations was ‘Raamlila’ street style theater performed by child artists. They brought to life stories of Raam and Sita from Hindu epic Ramayana in a very fun and entertaining way. Child artists played multiple characters during the 15 mins skit and enacted all the roles so effortlessly that it kept (especially the youngest members) the audience engaged. 

Another artist showcased her work in painting live on a canvas within a few minutes and turning it into a beautiful picture. 

The festival also provided a platform to artisan vendors selling their unique handicraft items to the visitors. 

The festival offered something for everyone to enjoy from delicious food catered by Honest (Lowell) to an interesting spring theme for art contests and attracted an audience of 600+ people. 

Overall, the art festival was a celebration of the beauty and diversity of art. It provided an opportunity for artists and art enthusiasts to come together and share their passion for this unique form of expression. By showcasing different styles, techniques, and perspectives, the festival reminded us of the power of art to connect us and inspire us.

written by ~ Sonam Ahuja

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