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WEW Leadership: Rising Up the Professional Ladder

10 Oct 2023 9:49 AM | Anonymous

ISW-WEW held this event on Saturday, April 30th from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.

The program began with welcoming the guests and a brief introduction about Women Empowering Women program’s mission and vision. The event was kicked off by our panelists introducing themselves, Mrs. Anjali

Arora, Mrs. Preeti Shah Tandon, Mrs. Anjali Paranjpe and Dr. Poornima Tekumalla to the audience and walking us through the career trajectory and the path they paved for themselves in corporate America, be it in the field of IT, Product Management, Finance or Science. It was fascinating and inspiring to hear about their career choices, and most of our panelists, uprooted themselves from well-established jobs and positions in India and started their journey in the US from the drawing board. Our event moderator, Snehalata Kadam, engaged our panelists by asking them about a time when they had to take some tough decisions while being in these senior positions, and our panelists had an array of answers, ranging from leaving workforce for a couple of months to reflect upon themselves to leaving their comfort zone of being in an organization for many years to taking some tough decisions in their personal lives or deciding between workload and picking up an MBA. While reflecting back on some of these decision points, our panelists had one consistent answer though – they all agreed that they made the right decision for themselves! A key aspect of this event was when the floor was opened to the hall full of audiences, that ranged from some teenagers, young professionals, parents and even grandparents. We had questions ranging from what is one soft skill you would say is necessary that we as women should learn, to a very interesting question to our women leaders on ‘what do you do for fun’?

If you missed out on the event, here is a link to watch the recording – ‘’

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